Live in Honduras

Live in Honduras

Honduras Is a Country for Dreamers, so Living in Honduras Can Mean Living out Your Dreams


When you live in Honduras, you come to appreciate a speed of life that is a little slower than what many Americans are accustomed to

Honduras is a country for dreamers, so living in Honduras can mean living out your dreams. Honduras is a place where Caribbean breezes lift ocean air through your windows, where the sunlight glints off the water at odd angles, and where the sound of waves lapping at the shore is just hypnotic enough to spirit away the dissonance of the 21st century.

If you seek a place to live where you can pursue your dreams, and do so in comfort and safety, then living in Honduras is the way to go. It is a country with everything to offer, from inexpensive land and low building costs to an economy ripe with good business opportunities. Honduras enjoys a stable government and banking institutions with decades of experience behind them. It has a good infrastructure, which is improving every day, excellent health care, and an intriguing multicultural society.

Live in Honduras and Be Welcomed Into the Social Fabric

Becoming a part of the society which you have adopted as your own is an important key to being happy wherever you live. The Honduran people make it easy to blend in, so when you live in Honduras you truly feel part of the community. Friends will come your way through the unlikeliest of daily activities. You could talk to someone in line at the bank and discover that they have visited your hometown in North America, or you could find shared interests with people at the garden nursery or the hardware store.

Respect is a key concept here in Honduras, and it is expressed in the small ways we have lost in our busy North American society. It is considered rude to begin any conversation without first having made a proper greeting and perhaps asking after the person’s family or how their weekend was. We do not have time for these niceties in North America, and we have lost much as a result. Children respect their elders here, wherever they meet them, and will stop and listen politely when spoken to. The bank has a special line for retired people, the handicapped, and pregnant women. Again, it’s a small thing, but when you live in Honduras you realize that it makes life so much more civil. Living in Honduras means having to slow down a bit, but, after all, aren’t you looking for a change from how you live up north?

Try new things. You will open a world of experiences if you try new foods and activities.

Learning some Spanish, while not necessary, will certainly enhance your enjoyment of your time spent living in Honduras. In schools now, most children are being taught English, but there are still some older Honduran people with much to share, who are delightful to talk to and learn from. Living in Honduras is a life-enhancing experience.


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