Cost of Living in Nicaragua

Cost Of Living In Nicaragua

Nicaragua’s lower cost of living does not mean you have to sacrifice the quality of life you have been accustomed to in the U.S. or Canada. In fact, you will probably be able to live in Nicaragua with even more luxuries than you are accustomed to, simply because the prices are so economical.

Below is  a sample monthly budget for two people:

Household expenses:
Electric (without air-conditioning) $45
Water $20
Propane gas (tank for cooking) $20
Satellite TV (100 channels) $35
Internet (plus start-up costs) $50
Cell phone $25
Groceries $200
Entertainment $100 or sky’s the limit
Gasoline or Diesel $80
Health insurance (Hospital plan) $100
Household help:
Maid-three times a week $60
Gardener-three times a week $60
Incidentals $100
Monthly total: $895


If you decide to give Nicaragua a test drive before settling here or purchasing real estate, you’ll find rents to be very reasonable. In Granada, you can rent a modest apartment for a little as $350 per month.

*Prices as of 2013


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