Health Care in Nicaragua

Health Care in NicaraguaWithout question, Nicaragua offers high-quality health care with several highly-specialized health care centers/hospitals in the greater Managua area. The two most prominent hospitals in Managua are the Vivian Pellas Metropolitan Hospital and Hospital Bautista.

Several hospitals and private clinics in Managua and Granada provide high-quality health care at a very affordable price. It costs just $30 for an office visit. A house call is only $35…and house calls are routine. A lab test is $10 to $15 depending on the scope of work. A full-day, executive physical check-up (for a 40-year-old) including EKG on a treadmill, X-rays, ultrasound, colonoscopy and gastroscopy, full blood work, and consultations is less than $500.

A CAT scan costs $300, an X-ray $17, a mammogram $150. Some drugs manufactured in Europe that are not yet approved for distribution in the U.S. are available here.

Resident expatriates do warn, however, that some of the high-tech equipment you’d expect to find in U.S. hospitals isn’t available in Managua. So they advise you to purchase MedEvac insurance (which costs about $250 a year) to ensure that in case of an emergency you’ll be airlifted by jet to Houston or Miami from Nicaragua.

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