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PhilippinesPhilippines is a land of tropical islands--7,107 to be exact. As well as being beautiful, the Philippines is cheap, cheap, cheap. You could enjoy a great life for very little outlay.

In some expat areas, 2-bedroom apartments rent for 14,000 pesos ($300) per month. Renting may be the way to go if you dream of beach life instead of big city buzz. (But beaches are never far from anywhere.) Although there are ways around the law, foreigners can only own condos--and these are mostly found in big cities.

Fast Facts

Population:  105,720,644 (July 2013 est.)

Capital City: Manila

Climate: Tropical marine; northeast monsoon (November to April); southwest monsoon (May to October)

Time Zone: UTC+8 (13 hours ahead of Washington, DC during Standard Time)

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