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Steeped in history, Poland also proudly displays several impressive, cultural cities: Warsaw, its capital, is blessed with some spectacular buildings like the Wilanow Palace. The city of Gdansk is also worth a visit. The oldest salt mines in Europe are near the buzzing urban center, Krakow. And the Tatras Mountains on the Slovakian border are enough to make the heart beat faster.


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Fast Facts About Poland

  • Population: 38,383,809
  • Capital City: Warsaw
  • Climate: Temperate with cold, wet winters and mild, showery summers.
  • Time Zone: GMT+1
  • Language: Polish
  • Country Code: 48
  • Location: Central Europe, east of Germany


Live in a Heritage City Behind the Old Iron Curtain

For decades the Iron Curtain divided Europe in two. Folks in the U.S. and Western Europe were afforded only glimpses of life in the Eastern Bloc. The political situation severely restricted travel. And half of Europe became an uncharted and unknown land. Then the Berlin Wall fell and a dozen or so nations opened up, embracing new freedoms. Visitors were welcomed and discovered a history going back thousands of years, regions of untouched natural beauty, and a seriously low cost of living.


Forests and Fairytale Towns on Poland’s Wild Frontier

Poland’s eastern border has long been wild and a little untamed. This is a region of magnificent primeval forests untrammelled by tourists and dotted with castles and medieval towns. A disputed land for centuries, today it is home to poles, Belorussians and Ukrainians, resulting in a rich mix of architectural styles and traditions. You’ll find Orthodox churches and colorful wooden houses throughout, and—in the town of Bialystok—palace Branicki, once known as the polish Versailles for its 18th-century, French-style design and landscaped gardens.


Build a Portable Career that Allows You to Live Anywhere

Six weeks ago, I left my luxurious, sea-view condo in Costa Rica (my second home) to return to my first home—Malta, a Mediterranean island, surrounded by turquoise waters. Relaxing with a glass of champagne in First Class on the way over to London, I knew I was going to miss the long, sandy beaches, stunning sunsets each night after playing beach volleyball, and the amazing wildlife and postcard-perfect scenery.

How to “Buy” a Second Passport

How to “Buy” a Second Passport

During the decade since I first published my popular Passport Book, now in its 10th edition, rarely have I seen so many countries at one time willing to trade official access for foreign cash.

A castle to Call Home: Live like Royalty Without Paying a King’s Ransom

A castle to Call Home: Live like Royalty Without Paying a King’s Ransom

Have you ever imagined living in castle? Dreamed of hearing your footsteps echo through acres of passageways and years of history? Then take note—with the current financial crisis still growing, it’s getting much easier for you to make the dream of owning a castle a reality.

Poland’s Property Party Ain’t Over Yet

October 30, 2007 Paris, France The euro is getting stronger, and, yes, the dollar is falling. We reckon it’s going to carry on falling for some time yet, but that’s no reason to give up on Europe. On the contrary, if the dollar is going to get weaker, it makes sense to put your cash […]

The Planes, Trains, and Automobiles of Central Europe

Tuesday, March 15, 2005 The Frontiers of Central Europe “If I’d flown I’d never have seen a car stored on the roof of a Polish house…or been pummeled by the Bura, a fast northeasterly wind…or seen up close and personal the fascinating paradoxes of the ancient yet modern frontiers of Central Europe.” Dear International Living […]

Clarification Causes Confusion

In May it was announced that visitors to Panama entering on a tourist visa would no longer be granted a 90-day stay (extendable for another 90 days). Instead, immigration officials said, those entering on a tourist visa would be granted just 30 days-extendable up to 60 additional days. This month, rumors began circulating that the […]

Cheap smiles

Cheap smiles

The dentist’s left hand clutched my shoulder and her right elbow dug into my temple as she struggled to wrench out the second of my lower molars. Something gave. “Oops!” she chirped, “Sorry, another one’s come out with it.

The Market in Zakopane, Poland: A Bargain-hunter’s Paradise

International Living Postcards– your daily escape Tuesday, June 26, 2007 Zakopane, Poland The market in Zakopane, in the heart of town on Krupowki Street, buzzes with stall-holders selling their wares and shoppers haggling for a bargain. Local artists display paintings, tapestries, and works of sculpture. Zakopane is in southern Poland, about 60 miles from Krakow. […]

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