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8 Tips for an Affordable Retirement Abroad



The Easiest Places to Retire Overseas in 2016

Many factors come into play when considering a retirement abroad. Cost of living, prices of rents and real estate, and healthcare options are main concerns. But quality of life for retirees moving abroad also depends in large part on being able to fit in quickly, learn the ropes, and mix well with the locals in their adapted communities. Language, culture, and community support from locals and other expats all can have a dramatic effect on the quality of the expat retiree experience.


Three Most Affordable Overseas Retirement Havens in 2016

Cost of living can be a major concern for people on fixed pension, annuity, and other retirement income sources. In International Living’s 2016 Global Retirement Index, three countries stand out from the top 23 retirement locations in the world as having the best cost of living:


Top Four Countries in the World for Retiree Benefits

Panama, Ecuador, Mexico, and Belize earn top rankings as the countries with the best retiree benefits and discounts in the newly published 2016 Global Retirement Index from
The 2016 Global Retirement Index lists the top countries where retirees can live better for less around the world. But as well as offering a lower cost of living, some countries stand out in the category of significant retiree benefits and discounts, including savings on transportation, entertainment, social services, visa costs, and healthcare.


Panama: The Best Country in the World to Retire

Panama takes the top spot in’s 2016 Annual Global Retirement Index. Months of research goes into compiling this Index and’s editors are helped by their large team of expat contributors based around the world, who help collect the data and offer input used to identify, rank, rate, compare, and contrast the very best retirement destinations in the world.

Travel writing

“World’s Best Job” Search Begins for Somebody Willing to Explore the Top Retirement Havens

In 2016, will send the winner of its “World’s Best Job” competition to one or more of the destinations rated as the best retirement havens in the world. The winner will explore at least one overseas haven and report on the experience. The prize includes a round-trip flight plus $5,000 in spending money. “We’re looking for an American or Canadian with a sense of adventure, a willingness to try new things, and a belief that instead of settling for an ordinary retirement at home or the lingering drudgery of a 9-5 life…other, better options might exist overseas.


More Retirees Than Ever Drawing Their Social Security Benefits Overseas

According to the latest figures from the U.S. Social Security Administration, U.S. retirees overseas received more than $3 billion in Social Security benefit payments in 2013—an increase of $160 million year-on-year, when compared to 2012. American retirees can receive Social Security benefit checks in almost every country in the world. Statistics reveal that Europe is home to the most U.S. retirees drawing their benefits abroad (154,238), followed by Canada and Mexico (95,767), and Asia (70,586).

Where to retire

An Increasing Number of Baby Boomers Explore Low-Cost Retirement Lifestyles Overseas

A growing number of the 8,000 baby boomers who turn 65 each year are looking overseas in search of a better retirement. They’re looking to havens where costs are lower, the climate is often better, the healthcare is top-notch, and property prices deliver good value, report the retire-overseas experts at “The traditional age for retirement in the U.S. is 65, but many Americans feel they’ll have to keep working into their 70s before they can retire comfortably… if they ever can,” says Executive Editor of, Jennifer Stevens.

Las Tablas

Beach Living in Panama for Just $1,000 a Month in an Up-and-Coming Haven

The town of Las Tablas on Panama’s Pacific Coast, is renowned for everything from colorful Carnival celebrations to artisanal textiles, pottery, and leatherwork. And beaches. Life in this sunny region of Panama is good , say the expats who, in increasing numbers, have begun to settle there. “Las Tablas is graced with more sunny days and less humidity than any other part of the country,” says Panama editor Jessica Ramesch. “And the cost of living is the lowest in Panama. Here, a couple can easily live on $1,000 a month, including rent.”


Now is the Best Time in a Decade to Buy Property in Europe

Right now the U.S. dollar buys more in Europe than it has in over a decade. It means that this is a smart time to buy property in certain markets—including Ireland, Portugal, and Italy—according to the live-overseas experts at A €100,000 property that would have cost $139,000 last March costs just $106,310 right now, a discount rendered by the currency-exchange rate alone. “In good-value markets that made sense at ‘full’ price, this favorable exchange rate is effectively putting properties on sale, and the bargains can be unbelievable. The timing is right for Europe today,” says’s real estate expert Ronan McMahon.

belize Ranks the Top 5 Tropical Islands for Retirees on a Budget

A new report from the editors of ranks and profiles the five best tropical-island paradises for retirees today. Spread throughout the world, these islands are unique—but they share certain characteristics: They’re warm, offer good infrastructure, provide acceptable healthcare facilities either on-island or nearby, and they represent good value—a couple can live comfortably from $1,500 a month, housing included. “Something about the word ‘island’ makes the mind race to ‘escape,’” says’s executive editor, Jennifer Stevens. “On an island, the pace slows, you live in the present, you shed concerns right along with your closed-toed shoes.


Low-Cost Real Estate in Spain’s Idyllic Mountain Towns: Property for Less Than $110,000 in Andalusia

Today real estate shoppers in Spain will find good-value properties at bargain prices in three scenic mountain towns—Mijas, Ojén and Torrox—located 30 minutes from the popular resort town of Marbella. With more than 2,800 hours of sunshine a year, this region attracts travellers and expats looking to escape a harsh winter back home and save money at the same time. “A couple can live well for about $2,400 a month, including $600 in rent,” reports editor Nazareen Heazle.

5 Countries with the Best Healthcare in the World

Residents of the country pay into La Caja. The fee is 7% to 11% of the person’s monthly income, which provides coverage for a spouse as well as a dependent. “After you pay your monthly fee, you receive free care,” says Costa Rica editor Jason Holland. “Anything you need is available through a nationwide network of clinics and hospitals: doctor’s visits, medical testing, prescriptions, major surgeries, and hospitalization,” Holland says.


Where to Find the World’s Best Climate

For their 2015 Annual Global Retirement Index,’s editors and correspondents spent months researching, surveying, and collating the data on the best places to live in the world…a task that included identifying the best climates worldwide. The Climate category in the Index assessed the hard data of temperatures, rainfall and humidity, and also the comfort level of each destination’s climate. “It’s difficult to quantify and qualify a ‘perfect’ climate,” says Suzan Haskins, senior editor at


Four Top Retirement Havens Where it’s Easy to Integrate

“When looking at great retirement destinations overseas, low costs and affordable real estate may be well and good, but you need to feel at home,” says editor Steenie Harvey. “How easy is it for expats to integrate into each country? Do the locals speak good English or do you need to speak the local language? Are the locals welcoming and friendly toward expats, and is there an existing expat community with lots of groups and clubs to join?”’s just-released annual Global Retirement Index ranks and rates the best retirement havens in the world today in eight categories and Ireland, New Zealand, Malta and Belize each receive a perfect score of 100 in the Index’s “Fitting in” category.


The Four Best Countries in the World for Retiree Benefits and Discounts

Panama, Ecuador, Belize and France offer the best retiree benefits in the world, according to International Living’s just-released annual Global Retirement Index 2015. In a bid to entice expats, these countries have assembled attractive benefits packages, which offer huge savings for foreign retirees on everything from travel to utility bills to medication. Topping the “Retiree Benefits and Discounts” category in the Index is Panama, which offers the best incentives for retirees in the world.


Revealed: The World’s Best Retirement Havens in 2015’s just-released Annual Global Retirement Index profiles the best destinations for good-value living around the world today. Using input from a large team of correspondents on the ground all over the world, the Index combines real-world insights about climate, health care, cost of living, and much more to draw up a comprehensive list of the best bang-for-your buck retirement destinations on the planet. “The world’s top retirement havens for 2015 may dot the landscape from Asia to Latin America to Europe, but they share certain assets,” says’s executive editor, Jennifer Stevens. “They’re safe, offer good value, and are places you can settle with relative ease.


From Beach to Mountains, Expats Enjoy a Great Lifestyle and Low Costs in English-Speaking, Caribbean Belize

“Belize has a lot to offer those seeking a new life abroad. There’s a feeling of opportunity and possibility, of a place being shaped right now…a country where retirees can find a comfortable place or someone with an idea can start a business,” reports editor Jason Holland. “It’s not as established as some of the other tourist destinations in the region, so there’s still lots of room for new businesses that fill a gap in the market.” With a population of 330,000, Belize offers plenty of empty, wide-open spaces. Located below Mexico’s Yucatan peninsula, this is picture-postcard Caribbean. It’s a country of Maya temples, seaside condos, jungle lodges, and colonial mansions.

Malaga, Spain

Affordable Coastal Living in Málaga: Enjoy a High Quality of Life for Less in One of Spain’s Best-Value Cities

Located on Spain’s popular Costa del Sol, Málaga is clean and bright, with a pedestrian-only city center and a revamped harbor. The city is brimming with museums, great dining, and plenty of shopping to suit all tastes and budgets. The best of “old” Málaga is well preserved. The city, with its miles of seashore, is cheerful and vibrant, oozing trademark Andalusian charm. Year-round the sun shines and winter temperatures are balmy (days average 63 F in January). Sea breezes blow off the Mediterranean, cooling the hotter summer days. “Málaga remains a very Spanish city, even in the prime tourist areas. Here you can enjoy big-city life with laidback charm,” says editor Glynna Prentice.


Faster Visa Processing Makes Ecuador an Even Better Overseas Retirement Destination

Better weather and a low cost of living makes Ecuador a great option for retirement, and recent improvements to the immigration process now makes it even easier to gain residence in Ecuador. Ecuadorian lawyer Santiago Andrade says: “President Correa’s administration has improved many of the bureaucratic processes, and business and immigration is not the exemption to this change. I have seen an improvement in the timing of the residence visa process. In the past a visa took around 30 to 45 days to be approved; now it takes two to three weeks.”


Expats Enjoy Healthy, Low-Cost Living in Chiriquí—Panama’s Bread-Basket Province

“The first time I saw Chiriquí Province I was enchanted. It felt familiar and was just so green. Although I was born and raised in New Jersey, I’m a country girl at heart and Chiriquí felt like home,” says’s Panama highlands correspondent Linda Card. Chiriquí is one of nine provinces in Panama, and borders Costa Rica to the west. Mostly rural, the landscape is among the most scenic in the country, with mountains defining the skyline. Acres of fruits and vegetables thrive in the rich volcanic soil, while cattle and horses laze in verdant pastures.

Nha Trang

Retirement Trend: “Roving Retirees” Overseas Enjoy Unique Travel Experiences and Richer Lifestyle, while Spending Less

For some, home is a place on a map or a house filled with memories and possessions. But for others, home is much more portable. Dan and Char Marshall are among a growing number of U.S. couples who have traded in a stationary retirement for one much more mobile and exotic. Semi-retired, they have been exploring South America for the last 11 months. In that time, they rented a car for seven weeks to explore Chile; trekked in Patagonia; lived and cruised for one month in the Galápagos; hiked over a mountain pass to Machu Picchu; taken kitesurfing lessons; swam with baby sea lions… and the list goes on.

Chiang Mai

13 Diversions for Expats and Tourists in Low-Cost Chiang Mai

Located in Northern Thailand, just 85 minutes by air from Bangkok, the city of Chiang Mai has become a major draw for thousands of expats who, today, call this community on the banks of the Ping River, home. Affectionately nicknamed the “Rose of the North,” Chiang Mai is a vibrant university city famous for its many Buddhist temples, rich cultural offerings, and good food. The warm climate, low costs and excellent, modern infrastructure have attracted expats in big numbers, and that includes thousands of retirees from all over the world.

Salinas, Ecuador

Expats Report Improved Health and Weight Loss When They Move Overseas

With good, fresh food, more exercise, and clean air, expats say they live a healthier lifestyle overseas and it’s easy to do so. Americans Denver Gray and his wife Ann moved to the beach town of Salinas, Ecuador in March of 2013. “After we bought our condo, we came to Salinas for five weeks to set things up,” says Gray. “Some interesting things happened during those five weeks. Without any deliberate attempts to change our diet or lifestyle, my wife and I each lost 10 pounds.”

Brazil - Social Security Benefits Overseas

Retire-Abroad Trend – More than Half-a-Million Americans Now Receive Social Security Benefits Overseas

More and more baby boomers are taking their retirements overseas, report experts at, who say they’re seeing a significant increase in demand for their research and services. Today more than half-a-million retirees receive their Social Security benefits abroad. According to International Living editor Dan Prescher, that likely under-represents the actual number of Americans retired overseas.

Expats Enjoy a Sailing Retirement in the Med, Latin America and Asia from $1,000 a Month

“Plenty of everyday people are choosing to live on the water full-time—in their retirement,” says editor Jason Holland, author of the publication’s new report. “After a bit of training and hands-on experience at home, they’re tying up beside mega-yachts in the Mediterranean, finding large floating communities of like-minded expat sailors in the Caribbean, and island hopping in the Gulf of Thailand, heading wherever their fancy takes them.”

How to Enjoy High-end Paris on a Budget – a France Insider Reveals the Secrets

“Paris thrives on its glamorous reputation, but discounts and deals are available here just as they are everywhere else,” reports Barbara Diggs,’s France correspondent. “With a little inside knowledge you can enjoy the best of Paris for far less money than you’d think.” Diggs reveals the best places to eat and shop in the City of Light, as well as detailing cultural attractions from museums to the theater, all at a fraction of the price a tourist would expect to pay in a city like Paris.

New Audible Audio Edition Now Available of Best-Seller

After topping Amazon best-seller lists for New Releases, Retirement Planning, and Personal Finance, The International Living Guide to Retiring Overseas on a Budget, written by the senior editors at, is now available in Audible audiobook format from Amazon.

Local Knowledge: Fun Things to do in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil during the World Cup

Insider Reveals Best Travel Picks for Rio De Janeiro, Brazil During the FIFA World Cup’s Brazil correspondent, John Clites, an American who has been living in the country since 2008, reveals his top insider picks for what to see and do in Rio de Janeiro during the FIFA World Cup. Visitors from all over the world will descend on Brazil for the event, which starts on June 12. Most will visit Christ the Redeemer and Sugarloaf Mountain, but Clites offers advice on activities not typically published in guidebooks.

IL editors Dan Prescher and Suzan Haskins offer their expertise on retiring overseas in their new book. Editors Release New Book from Wiley: The International Living Guide to Retiring Overseas on a Budget

When authors Suzan Haskins and Dan Prescher left Omaha, Nebraska, in 2001, they had no idea what the future would hold. Thirteen years later, they’ve lived in seven different locations in four Latin American countries and explored dozens more around the world. They’ve distilled those years of experience into this new, definitive guide to choosing, moving to, and living in good-value locales around the world, from Latin America to Southeast Asia to Europe.

Properties with stunning water views can now be bought for less than $150,000 in places like Mexico, Costa Rica, and Ecuador.

Best Places to Own Premium Water Views for Less than $150,000

In Mexico, Ecuador and Costa Rica properties with stunning views can be bought for as little as $119,000, according to a new report by “A great view usually translates into a premium price tag. But if a buyer knows the right places to look, he can find properties with world-class vistas for much, much less than you’d expect,” reports’s property correspondent, Margaret Summerfield.

Would you be interested in winning a month-long dream retirement in Panama all expenses paid?

Test-Drive a Dream Retirement Overseas in 2014

The retire-overseas experts at will send one winner (along with a friend or spouse) to Coronado, Panama—for a full month in 2014, free. The prize includes round-trip flights from the U.S. or Canada to Panama City, furnished accommodation in the beach-resort town of Coronado, Panama, plus a living-expense stipend of $1,500.


Where to Go for the Best Health Care in the World’s annual Global Retirement Index reports that France, Uruguay and Malaysia provide the best and most affordable health care in the world. The Health Care category in the Index considers the cost of care and the quality. Also considered are the number of people per doctor, the number of hospital beds per 1,000 people, the percentage of the population with access to safe water, the infant mortality rate, life expectancy, and public-health expenditure as a percentage of a country’s GDP.


Ecuador, Uruguay and Malta Boast Best Climates in the World’s annual Global Retirement Index names Ecuador, Uruguay and Malta as the best three countries in the world when it comes to climate. Their temperate weather throughout the year, moderate rainfall and little risk of natural disaster saw them rise to the top of the Climate category, one of eight categories in the Index, which details the top countries in the world for retirement in 2014.

Panama has taken the number one spot in this year's Global Retirement Index.

Panama: The Best Place in the World to Retire in 2014

Panama is the best place for North Americans to retire overseas, according to’s newly released annual Global Retirement Index 2014. In putting together the Index, now in its 23rd year,’s editors collated data from its team of experts on the ground in the most popular countries among U.S. and Canadian expat retirees.

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