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Over 40 years ago when International Living first revealed to the world that a luxury life in an overseas paradise was more affordable than your current life in the U.S… it was a radical idea, and in many ways, it still is. But our members know that they can live a happier, healthier, more exciting, and fulfilling life overseas…Our members discover everything from the latest expat hotspots…to the most profitable real estate markets abroad…to tips on how to inflation-proof their retirement or gain a second passport…to buying bargain beachfront condos…to embarking on an expat adventure in Portugal, Mexico, Costa Rica, and beyond…Because International Living is their guide to helping them make their dream global lifestyle a reality, today!

Why Advertise with International Living?

  • Targeted and engaged audience actively seeking the world’s best opportunities

  • Cost Effective – very competitive pricing compared to other niche publications

  • Wide Reach – Over 81,000 paid magazine subscribers, 160,000 e-letter readers, and over 754,000 visitors to the website every month, 80% based in the U.S.

International Living has been quoted in MSN Money, The New York Times, The O’Reilly Factor (Fox News), The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Forbes Personal Finance, ABC News, Smart Money, AARP, The Dallas Morning News,,,, CNN Money Magazine (Retirement Guide 2012),, San Francisco Chronicle, Chicago Tribune among others.

Who are International Living’s Readers?

International Living’s readers are wealthy, educated, investment-savvy, and adventurous individuals. Mostly mature, affluent professionals in search of a luxury retirement or a more relaxed and fulfilling lifestyle, our readers have disposable income and the freedom to travel and relocate overseas. Our readers always keep an eye on the economy and are on the lookout for the world’s best opportunities. They rely on International Living to bring these opportunities to them… and we keep our promise by offering a wide choice of editorial products and conferences, and granting access to our network of global experts and worldwide resources. Our readers’ main areas of interest are:

  • International real estate investment

  • Travel and relocation

  • Luxury retirement at affordable prices

  • International tax, legal, title, and health insurance services

  • Overseas property rental and exchange

  • Global business opportunities

  • Health and lifestyle

  • Offshore banking and investment

  • Immigration and visa specialists

  • Recreational activities

  • Language courses

  • Medical tourism opportunities

  • Laptop income opportunities

  • Volunteering

  • Key countries: Mexico, Panama, Costa Rica, Belize, Ecuador, Uruguay, Portugal, Italy, France, and Spain.

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