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Here at International Living, we believe in one simple idea…in the right places overseas, you can live better, for less. A healthier, safer, freer, more affordable retirement can be yours in one of the many retirement havens around the world.

The world is full of opportunities…for fun…pleasure…financial security and profits…romantic discoveries…and adventure.

Can you write about those opportunities for us?

Write for International Living’s Daily Postcards

Every day, the International Living Daily Postcard brings stories from expats around the world to our over 500,000 readers.

If you’re an expat living overseas, we want to hear from you.

Don’t worry if you’re not the new Hemingway—we’re not just looking for professional writers (though professional writers are encouraged to get in touch, too). We’re more interested in what you have to say than how you say it.

What are we looking for?

We want to hear your story—whatever that may be.

Imagine you’re talking to your friends back home. What do you want to tell them about your experience overseas? What are the most important things you can tell someone about your life in another country?

Some writers have told our readers about their journey to their overseas home—how and why they chose their new retirement destination…how their lives have changed for the better…and what it is that they love about the place they now live in.

Many tell us about the magnificent homes they have bought or built, about the cost of living, the rich culture of their new hometowns, and the warm and friendly communities.

Some have told us about how they availed of low-cost healthcare and dental care…have discovered a new-found love of the everyday things that they were too busy to appreciate back home…or how they’re enjoying life in their own little paradise…

Other writers have shared quirkier stories. Like the one from Laura Jones who learned lots about the culture (and marriage proposals) in Ecuador when she first moved there. Or David Bailey’s story of roving the world in search of his perfect retirement spot.

Submitting your idea

Before you get in touch, get to know our style and the types of stories we tell.

You can sign up to our Daily Postcards free of charge here. Or take a look through our Daily Postcards archive.

To submit your well-developed ideas and articles, email:

If we use your postcard, we will pay you a one-time rate of $75, including any photos you may wish to include. (Please note: photos are not a requirement.)

Please note, all editorial requests will be reviewed and considered. However, not all requests, can be answered personally due to the high volume of inquiries we receive.

If you’re funding your life overseas, whether you own a business or are just making some extra cash with a hobby, our Fund Your Life Overseas e-letter team would love to hear from you. For more about this e-letter, go here.

And if you’re interested in writing for our monthly publication, International Living Magazine, you’ll find the writer’s guidelines here (https://internationalliving.com/about-il/write-for-il/write-for-international-living-magazine/).

International Living magazine aims at providing a scope and depth of information about global travel, living, retiring, investing, and real estate that is not available anywhere else at any price.

What do our readers want?

You are writing for our readers. Our readership love beaches, mountains and countryside. Some of them love the city. They want to live overseas, either part-time or full time and most of them want to learn about ways to stretch their dollars and simplify their lives…

Are you already there? Then our readers want your story.

Our readers like profiles: These stories are meant to inspire. This could be your story or that of someone you interview. It’s a profile of an individual or couple living the dream. They’ve moved someplace new—full or part time.

Our readers want advice about retiring overseas: Can you pass along useful how-to tips, money-saving ideas, ways to “prep” for a move or adjust to a new life? Pull back the curtain and share with readers a recommendation or some guidance they wouldn’t easily figure out on their own.

Our readers are interested in health care: Do you have a first-person account from somebody who has just benefited from health care abroad? Or perhaps a how-to piece about insurance or special facilities available overseas.

Our readers enjoy our “Discretion Required” section: What was the last slightly illegal thing you did? Ever so slightly… Maybe it was legal, but something that just needed to be kept on the down low? Dealt with discreetly and in the right manner.

As an expat adventurer or fulltime roving writer you’ve sometimes got to think outside the box. (Occasionally the law is pretty square. After all, a good dose of “law-bending” is essential to the functioning of a healthy society. Right?)

Our Discretion Required section is only 150 to 200 words but it’s possibly the most fun to write of all IL articles. These vignettes should tell readers not only how to do something, but give them an insight into the local culture.

The bit you really want to know about…. Payment is upon publication. International Living buys all rights and we pay $250 for 840 words and $400 for 1,400 words. As regards photographs, if we use one of yours we pay $50 for one-time use and you retain the rights.

Before you get in touch…

Get to know our style. You can sign up to our Daily Postcards free of charge. Make sure you read some of these and have a look at the other content on our website before sending an article or pitching an idea.

When you are familiar with our style you can send article ideas to our editors: submissions@internationalliving.com. All editorial requests will be reviewed and considered when we plan our issues. Not all requests, however, can be answered personally due to the high volume of inquiries we receive. You improve your chances if you take the editor’s advice…

A Few Tips from our Editor…

  • We are not a travel magazine. We are the niche publication for living and retiring overseas. No descriptive, run-of-the-mill articles. That’s not to say we won’t accept articles on gastronomy in Paris, or sight-seeing in Rome. But you’ll have to work harder to get the inside track, to find the facts that no one else has. Be original.
  • Make recommendations in your article. We want your opinion. Tell our readers how to do things, how to catch a cab, order a meal, buy a souvenir, start a business, buy real estate, find a new place, a hidden gem.
  • This is the age of the Internet. But before you get mired in the online research, remember, our readers can Google, too. Original tips and advice will stand out and put your article on the top of the pile.
  • Never start a story at the beginning.
  • If you are writing someone’s profile use lots of direct quotes. Readers want to hear from your interviewee. It makes for a much stronger story.
  • Don’t be boring. Whether you have 840 words or 1,400, use them wisely. Pack the important stuff in. Don’t waste 200 words explaining how to catch a bus.
  • The best writing seems effortless because it’s easy to read. But it’s actually the hardest to write. The key to this is editing—re-read your articles with fresh eyes and a red pen in your hand.
  • Always proofread your article before submission. Print it out. The human eye works better from a printed copy. Better yet, sleep on it. You’ll be amazed how many mistakes you can catch the morning after over breakfast.
  • One of the best places to get article ideas is on our Ask the Experts area. Find out what our readers are talking about.