Each week, your host Lynn Ferrari will help shine a light on new, exciting ways people are finding to bankroll an international life… travel in style on next to nothing… leave the rat race behind and live their best lives in the sun… build a community… explore the world as a solo traveler… and simply create lives that are more international, more fun, more interesting.

We’ll have bonus episodes that take you on tours of beautiful properties in some of the hottest real estate markets on our beat along with regular features from our roving correspondents Warren and Julie Knox, who are currently travelling Eastern and Western Europe with their two dogs. And there’s more to come.

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Broadcast Schedule

May 28, 2023
Jessica Ramesch chats with Bekah Bottone about her life in Costa Rica ahead of IL’s Fast Track Costa Rica Event

June 4, 2023
Lynn Ferrari interviews the two inspirational women behind Around the World at 80 about their travel ethos

June 11, 2023
Ted Bauman interviews Dan Brockman, who is on is on track to obtain 5 passports.

June 18, 2023
Lynn Ferrari chats with Rachel from For the Story of Vacations about her favourite spots in Europe

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