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Media FAQs

MEDIA FAQs (General)

  1. Who in the Media does International Living work with?

    International Living collaborates with media for both online and print publishing efforts. Collaborative Initiatives include article syndication, blog contributions and reports. International Living has been quoted in:

    Reuters, MSN Money, New York Times, The O’Reilly Factor (Fox News), The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Forbes Personal Finance, ABC News, Smart Money, the AARP, The Dallas Morning News,,,, CNN Money Magazine (Retirement Guide 2012),, San Francisco Chronicle and others.


  2. How do I start my complimentary (Media only) International Living Magazine subscription?

    Fill out the short form to start your complimentary annual online and/or print subscription to the monthly International Living Magazine.


  3. Does International Living have a Media-only twitter account?

    Yes, the media can follow Carol Barron, Associate Editor on twitter and see what the latest International Living hot topics are. Of course, any of the media tweets can readily be retweeted to their own followers.


  4. How can I easily reprint or link to International Living’s articles?

    International Living invites the media to link to articles at the website with permission to reproduce articles, either in part or in their entirety, once credit is given to as the source and a hypertext link to the article is provided.


  5. Who is the International Living Media point of contact?

    For information about International Living syndication, source material or to book an interview with one of our experts, contact Associate Editor Carol Barron, tel. (in the US) 772-678-0287; e-mail:


  6. Why is International Living a key news center source for Media?

    For over 30 years, International Living has been the leading authority for anyone looking for global retirement or relocation opportunities. Through its monthly magazine and related e-letters, extensive website, podcasts, online bookstore, and events held around the world, International Living provides information and services to help its readers live better, travel farther, have more fun, save more money, and find better business opportunities when they expand their world beyond their own shores. International Living has more than 200 correspondents traveling the globe, investigating the best opportunities for real estate, travel, retirement, and investment.


Use International Living Editorial Content

  1. How can I write for International Living?

    We welcome submissions on spec and ask that you review our writers’ guidelines.
  2. Can International Living provide me with original content?

    In some circumstances, it can be arranged for International Living to contribute original content to editorial publications (including online and blogs) in an ad hoc or syndicated capability.
  3. How can I use International Living editorial content?

    We offer you the opportunity to reproduce/reprint articles and (in some instances) International Living Magazine stories and columns with a link back to Also, the Media is invited to link to any online article, in part or in its entirety, with a link back to On Twitter, any of our linked “tweets” can be easily “retweeted” to your followers.

    For further information, please refer to our Editorial Guidelines.

Find International Living Editorial Content

  1. Can I automatically receive story Pitches from International Living on my area(s) of interest?

    Yes. Just complete our “Receive Pitches Short Form” to receive current news about your particular priority topics such as living or retiring overseas, working abroad, international lifestyles, etc. If you prefer, choose to “follow” International Living Media in Twitter to automatically receive daily updates about what we’re covering across the globe.
  2. How do I send International Living a Query for help with something I’m working on?

    Just complete our “Query Short Form”. If you prefer, you can contact Associate Editor Carol Barron, tel. (in the US) 772-678-0287 or e-mail: to request an interview with one of our experts or to ask about content sharing (full/partial reprints, story linking and more.)

  3. How can I readily use the website to find relevant content?

    A good way to “drill down” to the news and information that you’re looking for is to use the “Media Center” Home Page as your point of reference. From there you can Search by Topic or Country. You will also see media-relevant updates on “hot” news topics, how to send us a Query, how to receive Pitches from us and more..

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