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Is This the Best Country in the World? Part II

Yesterday I told you about a country that has much going for it: Thousands of miles of gorgeous coastline with warm, tropical offshore waters…top-notch (and free) health care. A crime-free society and a population that is among the best-educated, most athletic, and most culturally talented in the world. Read the full description here.

The Best Crisis Investment I’ve Seen

In the 1990s and the first half of this decade there was a roaring party going on in the UK’s cities and large towns. It was called “buy to let”. This basically means rentals. The term was misleading. For the last few years of the boom (at least), letting didn’t come into it. Here’s how […]

Iceland’s Secret Inhabitants

Creatures of darkness, trolls have it tough during Iceland’s Midnight Sun summers. Evidence of their plight is everywhere. Along the southern coast, the view from Vik’s extraordinary jet-black beach is of a sea stack called Reyninsdrangar. Although it resembles a jumble of basalt needles, don’t be fooled. No ordinary rock formation, it’s really two trolls […]

Stripping Off for $2.83 in Steamy Iceland

With the water a balmy 88 degrees Fahrenheit, Icelanders swim all year. Of course, the air temperature is a bit different. Even in June, it often only reaches 53 degrees. No matter. Up to my neck in a geothermal hot pot, I’m feeling toasty. Around me are local businessmen, teenagers, mums, kids and retirees. Reykjavik’s […]

75-cent Bargains in Colonial San Cristobal

Look for the church of Santo Domingo and you’ll find the artisan markets Dear International Living Reader, If you’re looking for a way to defray your travel costs…or even start a handicrafts import-export business…San Cristóbal de las Casas should be high on your list. Few cities in Mexico have as wide a range of local, […]

Day 3: “What’s the Ugly Underbelly in Panama You’re Not Telling us About?”

Kobbe Beach, Panama Live from IL’s Live and Invest in Panama Seminar “So give me the downside…what’s the ugly underbelly here you’re not telling us about?” I’m Suzan Haskins and this is the last note you’ll receive from me from our 2009 International Living Live and Invest in Panama Seminar at the gorgeous Playa Bonita […]

Protect Your Retirement Plan from These Gov’t "Panic Scenarios"

Lots of folks were standing, but no one was walking out during today’s session of the International Living Live and Invest in Panama Seminar. It’s a sold-out event. And everyone here is more than excited about today’s opportunities in Panama, as I told you yesterday. I’m Suzan Haskins, reporting from the seminar at the beautiful […]

An Incredible First Day—Did You Know Panama Prices Were This Low?

Kobbe Beach, Panama Live from IL’s Live and Invest in Panama Seminar There’s a constant droning in my ears. It can’t be stopped. Can’t be relieved. Yesterday, on the way into the city from Tocumen Airport, it was so loud I couldn’t hear myself think. Not only that, I was on visual overload. I almost […]

“We’re Scared Stiff to Move Overseas…”

Not long ago, an e-mail plea for “move overseas” help came from a reader. “We love the International Living information, but the bottom line is that we are ‘scared stiff’ of giving it a go. We’re not sophisticated, not wealthy, not bilingual, and have never traveled abroad.” She continued: “Everything we read in International Living […]

Profit From Fortaleza’s Booming Tourism Industry

Dear International Living Reader, I recently returned from my sixth scouting trip to Fortaleza, Brazil, in the past 12 months. It was the wettest time of year when I was there–a time that attracts the lowest number of tourists; a time when the hotels should be empty. I expected to see more maintenance staff than […]

Live Well on $600 a Month in Ecuador

You can rent in the colonial city of Cuenca for $300 a month Dear International Living Reader, When affordable quality of life is the number one priority, more International Living readers move to Ecuador than anyplace else. That’s hardly surprising. Ecuador would be worth considering at any price. Readers Lee and Peggy Carper enjoy a […]

What Would You Do?

Dear International Living Reader, Imagine that you’re an accomplished cookbook writer. Someone asks you for the single best cookbook on the market. You’ve spent a lot of time, energy, and effort on your newest one. And it’s gotten rave reviews. You happen to think that it’s the best one around. So you say so. In […]

Fantasy Homes for Less Than $100,000 in France’s Prettiest Villages

Property bargains abound in the Midi-Pyrénées Dear International Living Reader, Gastronomic pleasures such as foie gras, Armagnac and Quercy lamb…medieval myth and history…tranquility. Sunflowers, wisteria, and nightingales. For me, this is rural southern France at its finest—but without the poseurs and high-prices of Provence. Although the Midi-Pyrénées is spectacularly lovely, property bargains abound. There have […]

Barge Your Way Through Europe

Barge Your Way Through Europe

From the moment you step onboard a canal boat, you are forced to slow down. There is simply no way to stay wound-up when you spend a week traveling at 5 miles per hour along the canals of Europe. Days are spent dawdling between locks, sampling local food, and wandering to nearby churches and castles.

Is the IRS Behind the Counter at Your Bank?

Last Thursday, Bob Bauman, International Living’s legal counsel, wrote a sobering article about what could well be the end of global banking privacy as we know it. (See Foreign banks to become IRS spies using Qualified Intermediary program?) As Bob explains, Americans–both at home and abroad–are being blocked from holding bank or investment accounts in […]

Do This When You’re in Barcelona

“Buenos días, guapa” (morning, lovely one) calls Juanito at Bar Pinotxo in the Boqueria food market. This is where I’ve had a breakfast of fresh clam omelet and a glass of cava every Saturday morning since I moved to Barcelona, Spain, eight years ago. The colorful La Rambla may be the city’s most exotic urban […]

Crusaders, Lovers, and Witches–the Secret Gardens of Cahors

Nostradamus studied here. The English and French battled over it during the 100 Years War. On a lazy loop of the Lot River, Cahors is my favorite city in the Midi-Pyrenees region. The capital of pre-revolution Quercy and now of the Lot departement, its winding back streets plunge you into the ancient France of crusaders […]

Is This the Last Stretch of Forgotten Caribbean Coast?

A billion-dollar gentrification project is going to transform a forgotten port town in Costa Rica into a major Caribbean hot spot. If you get in on the right side of this massive cash injection, you could make a lot of money. A billion is a lot to spend on a scheme like this. But Limon […]

Life on a Barge in France at 5 Miles an Hour

There is no better way of exploring the “real France” than by lulling about on a canal, floating at a swan’s glide into tiny villages, tasting the wine, and sampling the local recipes. Tie up to the bank and chat with a local or have dinner in a small café that no one outside of […]

What Can You Do on a Caribbean Island?

Since I moved to Belize last year, friends often ask: “What type of entertainment is there in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye?” That’s when I tell them about a favorite Belizean pastime–Fiestas! On a small island like Ambergris Caye, socializing is the name of the game. So, any noteworthy event justifies a fiesta. We recently attended […]

Which Side Should Expats Be On?

A country’s political landscape can change pretty rapidly. The recent turmoil in Honduras is a good example. When governments and policies shift, everybody has an opinion about who is right and who is wrong…resident expats included. It’s helpful to remember that in most cases, we expats are guests in our adopted countries. We may have…we […]

France’s "Lost Valley"–Where Homes Start at $78,000

Unspoiled, definitely. Although tourists to France visit Saint Antonin Noble Val, thankfully it’s not in the same weight of numbers that has turned other regional beauty spot towns like Cordes-sur-Ciel into tourist traps. (In my book, anywhere with dinky trains and endless gift shops qualifies as a tourist trap.) On the Aveyron River, Saint Antonin […]

The Riviera Maya: You Can Profit Before the New Airport is Built

Mexico’s Riviera Maya is getting its own airport. Construction companies began bidding for the contract three months ago. The resorts in this area say they already have a shortage of rentals for the current volume of tourists, so this new airport will really crank up the demand–within 10 years, this airport is expected to rival […]

A Tale of Two Brazil Beaches

If I lived in Fortaleza, Brazil, I know where I’d be spending my time…away from the hustle and bustle of Meireles Beach and the malecon that lines popular Avenida Beira Mar. This is where most of the high-rise hotels and condo buildings are…and where you’ll find the hordes of tourists and partiers who descend on […]

The Affordable Romance of a Chateau, Mill House, or Medieval Church

This month’s issue of International Living Magazine is all about romance. So, for our July cover story, we sent Steenie Harvey to the most romantic country in the world–France. Who hasn’t dreamed of owning a chateau in a picturesque French departement? Steenie unveils France’s prettiest villages, where you can buy for less than $100,000. The […]

10 Tips to Find a Dream Home in France

For the last two days, I’ve been staying just outside Laressingle, a minuscule bastide settlement with a tiny Romanesque church and castle. Hidden behind 13th-century walls, it’s officially one of les plus beaux villages de France–the country’s most beautiful villages. In the unspoiled Gers/Gascony departement of the Midi-Pyrenees region, Larresingle is an ancient stop on […]

Recession-Busting Summer Travel Deals–Save 55% or More

One of the only good things to come out of the global economic recession is increased competition…especially when it comes to travel deals. Everywhere you look, airlines, hotels and resorts, tour operators, even government tax agencies are cutting prices in order to attract your attention and grab some of your travel dollars. For example, some […]

Brazil Beach Condo for $56,100

Brazil Beach Condo for $56,100

I thought the beach condo I told you about two weeks ago would be my last quality beach pick in the $50,000 range for a long time. (And, as expected, the properties I told you about back then were gone within a day or two of my e-mail going out.)

Take a Look at What I Saw From my Dune Buggy…

Take a Look at What I Saw From my Dune Buggy…

The tropical sun was just about straight overhead. A gentle breeze blew in from the ocean, and the temperature was approaching the year-round normal high of about 85 degrees Fahrenheit.

The Final Day – Put me in, Coach. I’m Ready to Play!

June 6, 2009 Fortaleza, Brazil After the International Real Estate Investment Forum We should be in the “cool down” stage after being put through the paces here at the International Real Estate Investment Forum in Fortaleza, Brazil. As I’ve been reporting to you these last three days, it’s been quite a workout. But the truth […]

Day 2 – Crisis Creates Opportunity: Make Money No Matter Your Situation

June 4, 2009 Fortaleza, Brazil Live from IL’s International Real Estate Investment Forum There are two compelling reasons to be a real estate investor: 1) You have money to put into a secure investment. 2) You have no money to put into a secure investment. That’s sinking in now, after the second day of the […]

Day 1 – Grab Some of the Billions of Dollars Heading for This Country…

The night was hot and sultry…just what you’d expect in Brazil. Music blared, horns honked, kids played and lovers lingered on the beach long after dark. Later in the evening, a soft rain fell. The International Real Estate Investment Forum, being held in Fortaleza, Brazil, kicked off last night with a decadent “getting to know […]

Rentals Overseas: To Rent…or Not to Rent

Do you have a specific location abroad where you think you might like to move full- or part-time? We here at International Living recommend you rent there for as long as practical before you buy. Of course, if you’re after a pure investment in a hot market, this doesn’t apply. Buy when the deal is […]

Buy Your Dream Home on the Beach in Brazil for $63,000

Buy Your Dream Home on the Beach in Brazil for $63,000

I just bought a house on the beach in northeast Brazil. Now, for the first time, I can walk out my front door, cross the white sand, and dive into warm, turquoise waters. It’s on a large tropical island, and there’s a pleasant 1500s-era colonial town within walking distance.

Escape Plan #4: Go…and Stay Connected Around the World

For nearly three decades now we’ve been showing readers the best places to retire overseas to find a richer life that costs you less. This week, with our Ultimate Escape Plan series, we’re highlighting some of the greatest benefits of living in these good-value destinations. Today IL’s Publisher, Dan Prescher, talks about how our interconnected […]

Escape Plan # 3: Find Unexpected Rewards Overseas

Today we continue our Ultimate Escape Plan series. For 29 years we’ve been helping readers find their ideal retirement retreats overseas. This week, we’re sharing some of their stories–and the lessons they’ve learned–to help you follow in their footsteps. Yesterday you met a Seattle couple who are living “The Good Life” as proprietors of a […]

Retire Early and Open Your Own B&B in Paradise

Today we continue our Ultimate Escape Plan series. After 29 years helping readers retire early to find their ideal retirement havens, we’ve figured out a few shortcuts that can help you retire in the next 12 months–and we’re sharing them with you this week. Yesterday we told you how to retire early at 38. Today, […]

The Ultimate Escape Plan

You can own a beautiful home and live the good life without going into debt…in places where small-town values rule and neighbors still watch out for one another…and where the cost of health care won’t give you a headache. We know people who are doing this right now. And we’re going to introduce them to […]

Which of These Photos do you Like Best?

We’ve written to you before about how to make some extra cash selling photos from your travels to magazines, newspapers and stock agencies looking for photos to illustrate their articles and/or fill their portfolios. But before you start snapping, consider this question: Which of the two photos above do you think would be more saleable: […]

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7 Great Retirement Towns You’ve Never Heard Of…

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Sign up for our free daily Postcard e-letter and we'll immediately send you a FREE RESEARCH REPORT on the most desirable —and cheapest— retirement havens available to you today.

Each day you'll learn about the best places to retire, travel, buy real estate and enjoy life overseas.

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