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Cheap International Calls: Cut Your Phone Bill to $20 a Year

When I bought my first home overseas, I slashed my cost of living dramatically. But there was one surprise. While my property taxes may have dropped to less than $150 per year, my international phone bill skyrocketed to more than $150 per month…more than many of my friends were paying for rent. But I quickly […]

Affordable Beach With Ocean View

Affordable Beach: A Special IL Report on 3 Hot Destinations Right Now The average price of homes for sale on Sarasota, Florida’s Lido Key was $2,257,527 at the end of last year. The lowest-priced canal front lot there lists for $998,500. But in Latin America’s best-value destinations you can have your own affordable beach escape […]

Affordable Beach in Latin America

Affordable Beach: A Special IL Report on the Top 6 Destinations Right Now I’ve written about the most affordable places to live in Mexico and the best places to retire in Latin America. And I’ve listed what I think are the most beautiful beaches in Mexico. Expanding the horizons then, here are my picks for […]

Big Discounts For IL Readers on This Uruguay Deal

Uruguay’s Punta del Este is where South America’s rich and beautiful people hang out. Rent an unspectacular house here for the month of January (Uruguay’s high season) and it will likely set you back $20,000. East of “Punta” (as its known locally) lies the small town of Rocha…and Laguna de Rocha. This town has the […]

Revealed: The Best Place to Live in 2009

In the International Living magazine every month, we consider the countries around the world where you could live cheaper, pay less tax, enjoy better weather, take advantage of opportunities in emerging markets…places where you could start a new life, start a business, retire… Then, once a year, every January, we take a different perspective. We […]

Escape to Your Own Tropical Haven in 2009

Markets are crashing. Value is evaporating. Governments are becoming businesses, and businesses are becoming wards of the state. No one knows if or when the world economy will recover after poisoning itself nearly to death with toxic debt. What a way to start the New Year! Here at International Living, we’re not dancing on the […]

Have You Found the Best Beach in Panama Yet?

Since I wrote to you about what I (and many Panamanians) consider to be the best beach in Panama, I’ve had a lot of e-mails looking for more information. Punta Chame is the first white-sand beach you reach on leaving Panama City. Traveling on the Pan-American highway, it is roughly 60 miles in total from […]

Top Ski Town for an Alpine Pied-a-Terre

Where can you find a French city with an Italian feel to it, great infrastructure, property prices more than 50% lower than in Paris–and where you can be skiing or snowboarding in 20 minutes? The answer is the Alpine city of Grenoble. From the city center you can reach Le Sappey in just 20 minutes […]

How to Become a Travel Writer and Enjoy Winter Sunshine

Shivering? Take up the travel writer’s life and you could be enjoying summer all year round. For example, I recently persuaded International Living to send me to Cyprus. A former British colony and expat hangout in the eastern Mediterranean, it’s an island of crusader castles, vineyards and forest-clad mountains. Mythology tells that Aphrodite, the Greek […]

Ecuador Beach Property: A $50,000 Beach Condo

A $50,000 beach condo sounds too good to be true. Usually when things sound too good to be true, they are. Not this time. Guayaquil is Ecuador’s most populous city and is home to an international airport. Salinas is less than two hours north, located at the southern end of La Ruta del Sol. Its […]

Best Winter Weather Right Now

Seriously. I can’t imagine better winter weather. And I take back all those things I said about the weather in Merida in the summer. Because if this is what winter in our Mexican city is like, I’ll struggle through a hot summer any day. For the last two months, daytime temperatures have reached an average […]

Merry Christmas from International Living

What’s one of the best parts about living in a Latin American country? For about a month… from mid-December through mid-January… you can’t get anything done. Every other day is a feast day of some kind. Offices shut down. Businesses close. Annual government appropriations run out, and new appropriations won’t get settled until early February… […]

Invest in Brazil Real Estate: Strong Demand, Low Supply

The short-term rental market in Fortaleza, Brazil right now is a gift to investors. The demand for short-term rentals in this city is strong. This is one of the reasons I remain bullish about this real estate market. But the supply of suitable units is tiny by comparison. This trend is a big factor in […]

Invest in Brazil: Where to Put Your Dollars Right Now

Brazil’s currency is down. The real has lost 25% against the dollar since the start of the year. The stock market is down. BOVESPA has dropped 44% since Jan. 1. The price of sugar cane, a major export for Brazil, is down too. The price of soybean, another Brazilian commodity, is also down. Yet regular […]

Will 2009 Be Your Year?

I know more than a few friends back home thinking seriously about moving abroad in 2009. Their reasons vary. Some want to explore the world while they still can. Some want to get the most out of what savings and investments they have left from the global financial meltdown of 2008. Some want to get […]

Bye Bye 2008

The next time you hear from me, 2008 will be history. Can anyone say it hasn’t been an interesting year? It was the year we finally got proof that the world financial system is basically a Ponzi scheme of derivatives and debt. It was the year that Paul Newman, Isaac Hayes, and George Carlin died. […]

Ecuador Default–Good News or Bad?

Ecuador Default An International Living Postcard Last week, Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa fulfilled a two-year pledge to default on debt he calls “illegitimate.” On Dec. 12 he announced that Ecuador wouldn’t make a $30.6 million interest payment due the country’s three dollar-denominated bonds, with a total face value of $3.9 billion. The bonds were “always […]

Brazil Beach–My Top 5 Beach Property Picks

Natal, along with the surrounding area on Brazil’s coast, has a lot going for it: A still-hefty influx of foreign investment, beautiful beaches, and year-round beautiful weather. And with the newly-completed bridge from the northern beaches to Natal, Brazil, I told you about yesterday, some of the area’s best beach towns are now within 15 […]

New Bridge Links North Beaches To Natal Brazil

Natal is one of the hottest destinations on the Brazilian coast for Europeans these days, and it’s easy to see why…especially in the upscale Ponta Negra district. The long, gently curving, sandy beach stretches for miles into the distance, sheltered by the natural geography so that bathers enjoy calm warm waters and gentle ocean breezes. […]

How to Become a Travel Writer and Enjoy These Perks

It’s supposed to be a trade secret, but most freelance travel writers get free stuff–hotel stays, meals, tours, admission to events, etc. This is how they fund their lifestyle–and then, of course, magazines pay them for their stories and photos. Once travel writers get established and start going on press trips, everything is generally free–including […]

Move Overseas–and Watch the Crisis From Afar

I’m in the U.S. this month for my annual visit, and everyone here is apprehensive. There’s a lot to worry about. The financial system is in chaos, thanks to a serious debt crisis. And to make matters worse, the country suffers from two debt-financed wars, a debt-financed tax cut, and a debt-financed bailout that required […]

A French Leaseback: When the Dollar is This Strong, it’s Time to Buy France

The U.S. dollar has dramatically appreciated against all major currencies this year. This has created a window of opportunity to diversify out of the dollar. Diversification is one of the most powerful reasons to be invested in international real estate today. If you have watched your retirement funds shrink or the world’s currencies wildly swing, […]

Brazil Islands For Sale–From $217,000

Have you ever pictured yourself lounging on a tropical island, totally secluded, with only the sounds of nature to disturb the silence? Watching faraway ships passing by as the sun sets over the water? Living totally “off the grid” when you choose to get away from the stress of the world? If so, I’ve found […]

Brazil Beachfront: A Beach House For $30,000

Clear tropical waters, great beaches, and perfect weather…combined with a safe environment and low property prices. That’s how I’d sum up the state of Paraíba in northeastern Brazil. Paraíba’s capital city, João Pessoa, is a clean, modern, and cheerful city of 670,000 that has miles of popular beaches. Its boardwalk is busy with joggers, strollers, […]

The TV Trap

Dear International Living Reader, “I’m beginning to regret having this thing put in our living room,” Suzan said last night. “I know what you mean,” I said, but I stayed right there on the couch and kept watching the television. It’s yet another reminder to be careful what you wish for. After several years of […]

Costa Rica Real Estate Tour: How to Cash in on the Next Boom Zone

  Costa Rica Real Estate Tour: How to Cash in on the Next Boom Zone If you read Ronan McMahon’s Costa Rica Real Estate Boom article last week, you’ll remember he mentioned an area in Southern Costa Rica where you’ll find excellent investment opportunities. The only problem is that Setena, the authority that issues environmental […]

The Three Things You Must Know to Get a French Mortgage

Don’t forget to take advantage of our $99 clearance offer for our Ultimate Event Home Workshop–the entire recordings of our Ultimate Event. Click here to order today. Dear International Living Reader, Right now is a good time to be looking at buying a home in France, be it on the Riviera, Paris’ Left Bank or […]

Explore Southern Italy on a Shoestring Budget

The dolce vita in southern Italy’s historic centers doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Dear International Living Reader, If you want to live like royalty without breaking the bank, try Puglia in the heel of Italy. Here you can find ancient palaces and mansions to stay in, and food fit for an emperor–at prices to […]

Turn Your Dreams Into a Reality Overseas

Sunday, Nov. 30, 2008 Read more about Ecuador in International Living Postcards—your daily escape Dear International Living Reader, “It’s the mountains,” I said to Suzan as we sat on our hotel balcony in Cotacachi admiring the soaring Andean peaks. “It’s the beach,” Suzan said the next day as we walked in the surf with our […]

Turn Your Dreams Into a Reality Overseas

Sunday, Nov. 30, 2008 Read more about Ecuador in International Living Postcards—your daily escape Dear International Living Reader, “It’s the mountains,” I said to Suzan as we sat on our hotel balcony in Cotacachi admiring the soaring Andean peaks. “It’s the beach,” Suzan said the next day as we walked in the surf with our […]

Another Chance to Make Big Profits in Costa Rica…But You Must Act Now

Saturday, Nov. 29, 2008 Read more about Costa Rica in International Living Postcards—your daily escape Dear International Living Reader, Wish you had a time machine? I just might be able to help you out on that! Back in the early 1980s, IL recommended buying real estate in northern Costa Rica. Readers who took this advice […]

A $102,000 Condo on Ecuador’s Most Popular Beach

Friday, Nov. 28, 2008 Salinas, Ecuador I’ve just returned from a scouting trip to Ecuador where I took a look at the real estate opportunities in and around Salinas. I focused mainly on an early-in beachfront deal in a popular beach resort. Less than a two-hour drive from the international airport in Guayaquil, Salinas is […]

Happy Thanksgiving from All of Us at International Living

Dear International Living Reader, Thanksgiving is, at its heart, an expat holiday. More than 300 years ago, a small group of English expats held a feast to celebrate their survival after several harsh winters in a strange new land. They’d left England for various reasons, and they found themselves in a place with its own […]

How One Couple Lives on $600 a Month in the Perfect Retirement Spot

Just like clock above the town park with hands permanently stopped at 1:07, time stands still here. Dear International Living Reader, Lee and Peg Carper aren’t your typical retired couple. Not by a long shot. For one thing, they’re younger than most retirees–he’s 56 and she’s 53. They don’t golf or bridge; they don’t take […]

Now is the Time to Buy Beachfront Property in Ecuador

Expats have not yet discovered the really affordable beachfront condos here Prior to my trip to the coastal areas, all my mental imagery of Ecuador was confined to the highlands–cold nights, snow-capped peaks, high altitude, women in shawls with babies in colourful blankets, and men with plaits. I had never really given Ecuador beachfront any […]

Get More for Your Dollar in Mexico Right Now

Dear International Living Reader, First, the dollar and now the peso. The Mexican peso has steadily weakened over the past months, thanks to worries that a deepening economic crisis in the U.S. could push Mexico into recession. In recent weeks the peso has sunk to its lowest rates since 1994, after which Mexico’s government cut […]

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