Cost of Living in Ireland

The monthly cost of living in Ireland will very much depend on where in the country you decide to settle. Dublin is the most expensive place to live with rents being the most expensive here. If you look in smaller towns or rural areas you’ll find rents are much lower.

The price of groceries varies widely, depending on which supermarket you choose to do your shopping in. German chain stores like Lidl and Aldi offer cheap prices for bulk buying. Grocery stores like Dunnes Stores, Tesco and Supervalu offer similar prices with regular special offers.

Here is a sample grocery basket from a Tesco supermarket (prices in U.S. dollars):

Bananas  1.24  per  kilo

Apples     2.40 per kilo

Pears        2.65 per  kilo

Oranges     1.61per  kilo

Milk           1.03 per liter

Eggs (medium) dozen  2.50

Carrots      1.10 per kilo

Potatoes   0.64 per kilo

Onions       1.21 per kilo

Tomatoes 2.54 per kilo

Chicken (whole) 3.70 per kilo

Best steak  37.00 per kilo

Pork chops 7.78 per kilo

Bread baguette  1.25

American sandwich bread 600grams  1.13

Fish (haddock fillet)  10.38 per kilo

Salmon      14.45 per kilo

Mineral water (sparkling)   0.40 per liter

Coca Cola  1.57 per liter

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