Health Care in Ireland


Health Care in Ireland

The health care system in Ireland is one of the best in the world.

The standard of health care in Ireland is very good, with public satisfaction ratings of 90% for outpatient and 85% for inpatient treatments . There is almost complete satisfaction with General Practitioners at 97%.

Despite this, there remain problems in the Irish health system. The biggest of these is lengthy waiting lists for surgical procedures. All persons who are considered “normally resident” in Ireland are entitled to receive health care through the public health care system.

Normally resident

In order to establish that a person is “ordinarily resident”, the Health Service Executive (HSE) may require:

  • Proof of property ownership, or rental.
  • Proof that the property in question is the person’s principal residence (i.e. utility bills).
  • Proof of transfer of funds, bank accounts, any pensions etc.
  • A residence permit or visa.
  • A work permit or visa, a statement from an employer if applicable.

Administered by the Health Service Executive (HSE) care is funded through general taxation. Depending on income, individuals may be required to pay a subsidized fee for certain health care provided.

Private Health Insurance

Many Irish citizens opt for private health insurance. It gives them more choice of where to have treatment, and more importantly, it bypasses sometimes-lengthy waiting lists.

Individuals from outside the EU/EEA who are “normally resident” in Ireland should be able to purchase health insurance.

The cost of private health insurance is Ireland is a fraction of what it costs in other developed nations. Individuals can have cover from as little as €555 per annum, irrespective of age, sex or “risk status”.

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