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El Salvador

 El Salvador: Not Just a Haven for Surfers

With 190 miles of coast, replete with warm, sandy beaches that are considered amongst the best in the world by surfers, San Salvador ought to be more renowned. Beachfront property here is inexpensive…you can buy villas just a few steps from the blue Pacific Ocean for less than $100,000.

But El Salvador has more to offer than just its stunning coast-line. With the cosmopolitan capital San Salvador, and an interior that includes volcanoes, hot springs, lakes and waterfalls—this little country has plenty to offer those in search of unspoiled natural beauty.

 Population: 6,108,590

Capital: San Salvador

Language: Spanish

Location: Central America, bordering the North Pacific, between Honduras and Guatemala

Coastline: 307km

Climate: Tropical on coast, temperate in uplands

Country Code: 503

Time Zone: GMT-6

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