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Retire to Colombia

Colombia retirement

You can retire to Colombia and have a great lifestyle on your Social Security check

If you retire to Colombia you’ll enjoy dramatic Andean peaks and valleys, with hundred-mile views and some of the world’s best weather. Colombia has some of Spanish America’s most beautiful colonial cities, one of its most-fascinating and rich cultures, long stretches of beautiful beaches, and one of civilization’s few remaining walled cities. Your retirement in Colombia will involve hours of outdoor dining, coffee in sidewalk cafes and a casually-elegant metropolitan lifestyle.

But these are not the impressions that many of us start off with when we think of retiring to Colombia. To most it sounds dangerous; and maybe a little mysterious. Typically, it’s a country that will conjure images of drug lords, kidnappings, and Tom Clancy novels.

But after you’ve spent time in Colombia, you’ll have a very different image.

Once you’ve been here, you’ll know of a country where you can live a dignified lifestyle on a Social Security check…and a luxury lifestyle on just a bit more.

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