Health Care in Uruguay

health care in Uruguay

Quality health care is readily available throughout Uruguay.


Uruguay’s public health care system: In the public system the free clinics can be slow and crowded. However, if you have no health insurance and can’t afford to buy it in Uruguay, then these clinics will be a welcome option. Every town has access and they do a good job. This system assures that no one is without quality medical care.

Uruguay’s private health care system: The private health care system is efficient, well-equipped, and inexpensive. They operate facilities that are more similar to what North Americans would be used to. The private health care industry consists of a number of independently operated associations. These associations vary in size from a single hospital to a network of hospitals, clinics, and doctors’ offices. Normally you’ll select a facility near you, and become a socio (member). Your monthly premium entitles you to use of their facilities, ambulance service, pharmacy, and specialists in accordance with the plan that you select.

Some will accept Blue Cross and other foreign health plans.
Typically, whatever hospital you join will pay for emergency coverage at another facility if you need care when you’re away from home.
The most popular hospital among English-speaking expats, diplomats, and many rich Uruguayans is British Hospital in Montevideo. Everyone seems to agree that they are the top of the line in hospitals here. They even make house calls in Montevideo, and have English-speaking doctors.


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