Retire in Uruguay

Discover a Perfect Retirement in Uruguay

Retire in Uruguay

Many foreigners retire in Uruguay because of its amazing natural beauty and high quality of life

Uruguay scores well every year in International Living’s Global Retirement Index and came in sixth position in the most recent Index in 2010. The country has a lot to offer those who decide to retire there.

Whether you dream of a newly restored colonial home with modern interiors and a view of the harbor…a small cottage with a quiet internal courtyard…or a lazy beachfront retreat where you can sit on your balcony and watch the waves crash up on the sand…you can find it when you retire in Uruguay.

Retire in Uruguay

Retire in Uruguay

Wherever you go, the friendly people will charm you, the natural beauty will seduce you, and the remarkably affordable cost of living will entice you to stay. As is true in any country, real estate in some areas is more affordable than in others. If you want extensive infrastructure, ease of access, an established expatriate community…you can have all that.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a retirement hideaway retreat by the beach, you can find that too…and all at a surprisingly reasonable price. In fact, Mercer HR Consulting recently named Montevideo the second least expensive city in the world. And we recommend Uruguay as the best value for your second-home dollar.

The pros of retiring in Uruguay: Modern, First-World infrastructure, excellent highways, drinkable water, good communications, and stunning beaches. During high season, it is fun and lively. During low season, it is quiet and peaceful. Prices–for just about everything–are excellent.

The cons of retiring in Uruguay: It may be too slow for some retirees during low season. And, though not as distant as New Zealand, Uruguay’s not as close as Panama or Mexico.

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