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Here’s what International Living readers have been saying about their monthly magazine.

International Living magazine not only makes the idea of living in a foreign country exciting, it makes the whole concept seem attainable. The articles are great fun to read, and the insight provided by expats is fascinating…and often humorous. From anecdotes about cultural experiences to stories about starting a business, the magazine provides inspiration for those of us considering a major life change! —Deb O’Dell

Love your magazine! Look forward to each issue and read it cover to cover! —Mike Woodley

The fact that I now live in Puerto Vallarta perhaps says all I need to say. I’ve enjoyed International Living for many years, and it was instrumental in helping me make choices about where to go. In spite of having taken the plunge, I still really enjoy the magazine, and still get tempted to consider other venues, though I love Puerto Vallarta. Thanks for continuing to do such a good job. —Robin D

I subscribe to the magazine for the information on Latin and South America. When my wife retires in the next few years we plan on moving south. The articles and information has greatly influenced our plans. Thanks. —Dwain Adamson, Yellville, AR

My wife and I found the information to be very interesting about five years ago. We attended two International Living conferences, then decided to explore Uruguay. We are very glad we did. We will be living part time there very soon. Thank you for the honest insights regarding Uruguay, and the contacts to make when arriving. They have both proven to be invaluable. —CJ Peck

I have been receiving the magazine for about a year-and-a-half now and find it to be a wealth of information on multiple subjects pertaining to our plans for retirement. As I am now only a few months away from actual retirement, I look forward to each issue with great excitement. We have already been to Costa Rica and Ecuador and loved them both and we look forward in the future to more suggestions from International Living. —Mike Jackson

Many thanks for, well, truly opening up the world to us, and allowing us to redefine what retirement, and aging itself, may mean as we enter into our early 60’s, as active, fit, healthy and adventurous men. If I could find a way to retire today, and leave the world of work behind, I would. That’s a lot to ask of International Living, to support me in that pursuit, but my expectation is that you will at least play a key role in helping me determine how I can make that happen—with a high degree of satisfaction, peace of mind, and quality of life. —Ron Sepielli

I am thrilled with International Living! I’m 66 years old and my only income is my Social Security, which is actually a nice check. I am studying my Rosetta Stone Spanish, with the dream of living on a beach either on the Caribbean or the Pacific, although the mountains towns in Ecuador and some of Central America also have some allure. I love to cook, so the prospect of fresh fish, healthy meat, and fresh fruit and vegetables sounds wonderful. I save a lot of your newsletters and read your magazine cover to cover each month, getting ideas. Your magazine both informs and fuels my dream. It’s an invaluable resource! —David M. Kerr

I look forward to receiving my International Living magazine and read it cover to cover. I’m 62 and my plan is to retire at the end of 2019. I’m looking at retiring to Ecuador. I’m single and have never been outside the U.S., but have lived all over the U.S. I plan on attending the “Boot camp” in Las Vegas in November. I’m also planning to visit Ecuador next year. I’m hoping there will be a conference at the time. Thanks for the great magazine.—Pam Robison

Love it [the magazine]. We are looking into retiring in the Caribbean. This give us valuable information about the different places to retire. I love the fact that your writers live in the area they talk about. Keep up the good work. —Louise Polak.

I enjoy the magazine immensely, even the small tidbits of things going on in so many places outside the USA. I am traveling two months this summer to do some family genealogy research in Scotland, England, Amsterdam and Prague. Will be creating my travel blog for friends to follow along on my adventure. Your magazine is a great resource and I am considering having a home outside the U.S. Keep the good articles coming. —Elizabeth Gundlach

I want to thank International Living Magazine. Like so many others, I was downsized in 2009. Through IL I realized that I could pack up and move to any number of countries and be able to live within my means. It was an enormous relief to know how and where I could do that. We are considering relocating to another country now that our pensions have kicked in. It’ll be much more straightforward now that I am armed with five years’ worth of IL advice! —Susan Bovee, Phoenix, AZ

I subscribed a year ago after googling best retirement places. My husband and I are in Ecuador at the moment to see if we could live here. We’ve had a few days in Quito, loved it but not sure I would want to live there. Now in Banos, on our way to Cuenca, which is where I think we will want to be. Our trip so far has been amazing. This is a beautiful country.
Thank you for broadening our horizons, I would never, ever have dreamed of coming here otherwise, and whether we think we could live here or not, we will have had a marvellous trip. —Marian Shakespeare.

Thank you so much for the effort you put into it, you helped so many people change their lives for the better. Keep up the good work, your magazine is worth every penny we pay for it. It also allows us to dream. —Joelle Lau-Hansen

I love this magazine! I live vicariously through it. I may never live in a foreign country (but I would like to), but I love to read and dream! I love to go back and look at the back issues (I have saved them all). I am most interested in Central and South America and France, Italy and Spain. Thanks —Barbara Onufer

We love, love, love the magazine. We know we are going to land somewhere. We think it will eventually be Costa Rica due to the incredible wildlife diversity there. After several scouting trips to Costa Rica, we are still torn between the cooler mountainous areas and the beauty of the beach. Reading International Living has opened up such an incredible world of possibility, we think we may spend several years exploring places like Bocas del Toro, David, San Juan Del Sur, San Miguel de Allende, Belize, and many, many others. As divers, we want to be near great diving and snorkeling. As porch sitters we want to be in a comfortable environment that is just warm enough to not be hot. Many thanks! —Patti Jones

I’m really happy I subscribed to International Living Magazine. I feel like there is a lot of information and encouragement for people who are considering making a move or taking an extended trip from the country where they grew up. I really enjoy hearing details on how people are making their new lives work and how they adjust to different cultures. But I also like the more “pure travel” sections that are less about relocating and more information on an exotic travel destination. It’s a good mix. Thanks for turning out an interesting read month after month! —Bess Katerinsky

Just started subscribing to your magazine a few months ago! I love it. Moving back to Caribbean life has always been in the back of my mind. Your articles have given me hope to dream again. I love the articles where expats share expenses along with local experiences. Keep up the great work! —Ronnet Pettit

IL is fabulous! All the information one could ever want and need is there in your publication. With your help and guidance I guess you could call it, I’ll be making the jump soon. I began reading IL as a newly-wed and I just celebrated my 38th anniversary. I was far from ready then but I’m close now. I look forward to each new addition. Thank you for the heads up on retiring overseas. —Thomas Dino Malle.

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