24 Hours in Moscow: What to See, Do, and Eat

So many of us grew up in an age when the Soviet Union, and Moscow by extension, was widely considered a second-world destination—poor, underdeveloped, and monolithically gray. Cast aside those images. Moscow, in particular, is a vibrant, first-world economy with a wealthy and expanding middle class—a place where you find outlets for every major fashion Read more...: 24 Hours in Moscow: What to See, Do, and Eat

Berlin for History Buffs: A 24-Hour Guide

Here’s the thing about Berlin: It’s not Europe’s most elegant city. Where Vienna, Prague, Krakow, Paris, Budapest – pick a place – look like Old Europe, Berlin… well, not so much. It looks like it was built between the 1960s and early 2000s. That’s not a knock against the German capital. It’s a knock against Read more...: Berlin for History Buffs: A 24-Hour Guide

Forget Airplanes: Meet Locals and Travel Europe With BlaBlaCar

How you travel is often as important as where you travel. In Europe, where stunning medieval cities are linked by meandering roads with plenty to see, your mode of transport can play a huge factor in your enjoyment of the experience. With idyllic villages, mountain passers, and scenic coastal drives dotted throughout the continent...

24 Hours in Prague: Things to Do and See

Few cities are as iconically European as Prague. Because Hitler wanted to turn Prague into the cultural capital of a Pan-European Nazi empire, he spared the city from the ravages meted out on much of the rest of Europe. The result: Prague’s architecture and landmarks today largely exist as they always have and still reflect 1,200 years of Bohemian history...