Berlin for History Buffs: A 24-Hour Guide

Here’s the thing about Berlin: It’s not Europe’s most elegant city. Where Vienna, Prague, Krakow, Paris, Budapest – pick a place – look like Old Europe, Berlin… well, not so much. It looks like it was built between the 1960s and early 2000s. That’s not a knock against the German capital. It’s a knock against Read more...: Berlin for History Buffs: A 24-Hour Guide

Crete and Corfu: For a Healthy, Simple, Greek Island Retirement

Today, the birthplace of democracy can still be a messy place—just as it increasingly is across the U.S., the United Kingdom, and elsewhere. But this, too, is Greece: A country so beautiful, calm, relaxing— and so relatively inexpensive—that it’s attracting retirees happily trading the messiness elsewhere for the messiness of a more fulfilling...

Which of These 9 Retirement Personality Types Are You?

I guess you would classify me as the "tirelessly moving, globetrotting workhorse." That's my takeaway from a recent story in Kiplinger magazine by a financial adviser and investment educator that categorizes retirees into nine buckets: Tireless Mover, the Lost, Workhorse, the Lonely, Globetrotter, Reluctant Spender, Superhero, Overly Generous, and Never Retired.

Turning A Passion For Painting Into an Income at 104

I’m going to guess that you probably don’t know Carmen Herrera. She’s 104 years old. A Cuban-American living in New York. She’s my new idol. Her age has everything to do with this story. But not because she has pushed past the century mark. See, Carmen’s my idol because she sold her first painting at Read more...: Turning A Passion For Painting Into an Income at 104