RETA INSIDER PODCAST: How This Woman Got Ahead of the Pack in Costa Rica

Way before anyone had realized what was coming down the track for Costa Rica’s stunning Southern Zone, Sylvaine Piltaut was already there. She’s the developer behind the gold-standard community in the area, Pacific Lots…and for the November RETA Insider Podcast, I talk to her about her investment in this part of Costa Rica.

Real Estate Trend Alert Insider Podcast: This Cabo Developer Reveals His Investment Strategy

In this month’s edition of Real Estate Trend Alert Insider, exclusive to RETA Lifetime members, Ronan talks to his key contact in Los Cabos, Mexico, Proto Pena. Proto is the man behind Ventanas, Cabo del Mar and is one of the most insightful and intelligent developers here, placing a strong emphasis on community.

Why This Mexico Spot is More Than Just a Real Estate Play

Over a decade ago, I first wiggled my toes in the soft white sands of Tulúm, Mexico...felt the warm sunshine on my face as gentle breezes rustled through the palms...and gazed at the gentle turquoise waters. Ever since, this Riviera has held a special place in my heart—so much so that these days I call it home for part of the year.

3 Mexican Expat Havens; 3 Different Investment Strategies

Flick open my passport and you'll find stamps from countries all over the world. Look a bit closer and there's one country stamp that's in there more than any other...and that's Mexico. I've spent a lot of time scouting real estate in Mexico because of the real estate opportunities it offers. Here are three different destinations in Mexico that are on my radar right now.