Enjoy A Relaxed And Comfortable Lifestyle On Your Social Security In Cambodia

Phnom Penh has hundreds of years of history that can be discovered by visiting the main landmarks. The Royal Palace allows visitors to join a special tour each day where you can see so many cultural highlights, including the Silver Pagoda (a royal tower with a spectacular silver floor, home to Cambodia’s Emerald Buddha) and the Throne Hall, where many national ceremonies take place.

Appreciating Life in This Enchanting, Low-Cost City

“I found myself out of work a few years back and, at my age (62), it wasn’t looking like I would find anything suitable, so it was a bit of a dilemma,” explains Paul Jones. “Fortunately, I made a few small property investments, which I was able to get a decent return on, so there was enough cash in the kitty to explore my options. I could have stayed at home but I’d had enough of big-city living and was looking for something different.”

Retirement With Life’s Little Luxuries in Cambodia for $1,000 a Month

“I was a workaholic,” Bob Coleman says. “Then one day I thought of all the places I hadn’t seen and I decided right there and then that something had to change.” At age 55, Bob started his international travels by taking vacations to popular destinations in Southeast Asia, including Penang, Malaysia and the Thai capital, Bangkok. “After a few trips I realized retirement could set me free; that I didn’t have to limit myself to one location for the rest of my life.”