So Many Reasons Why Cotacachi is My Spiritual Home

There's something endearing about Cotacachi, but what that something is, is far from definitive. My husband, Kim, and I each have our own reasons for loving this little mountain town we've called home for almost two years. Kim feels the people of Cotacachi make it special. He enjoys leisurely, morning walks into town and loves to stop along the way and chat with shopkeepers. It's not unusual to find him seated on a park bench chatting with locals. Invariably, men come up to him to shake his hand and elderly ladies often stop to give him a hug. I'm always surprised by how many people know him.

Rent For $450 a Month in Captivating Cotacachi

What attracted me to my husband, Kim, was the fact that he loves adventure as much as I do. We've lived in eight cities in Florida and four states from Florida to Washington. Not to mention living and traveling aboard our boat for seven years, during which time we lived in Trinidad and Venezuela. I thought we finally found our cozy little retirement home when we bought our last house in Florida…but my husband still wasn't ready to settle down, even though we were now retired. He began investigating living overseas and said he wasn't ready to stop discovering the world or having adventures because we were retired.