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Would you move to a country without having any idea what it looked like? Most wouldn’t.

Luckily, here at International Living we have a plethora of images from around the world—which we are happy to share with you—so you can see what your ideal retirement destination might look like before you go.

The next best thing to traveling to these retirement destinations is having the option to browse through images from the countries of your choice. This will allow you to have a glance at what life might be like there.

The editors and contributors of IL have traveled throughout the world and have brought back lots of images in a quest to capture the essence of a country for you. The lush jungle towns of Panama…the beaches of Costa Rica…the mountain towns of Ecuador…or the rolling hills of Italy—we’ve got it covered.

With cameras in hand, our editors are always on the move—ready to capture the best of the countries on our beat.

Below you can enjoy a selection of images and slideshows from our top destinations from around the world.

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