Living the Good Life

Have you ever dreamed of retiring to a Pacific coast villa complete with a pool and household help…or maybe you fancy running a small resort in the Caribbean…or spending your days in a mountain retreat where the air is crisp and you live amidst expansive, snow-capped peaks…setting up home on your own private island…or alternating between your Paris and London pied-à-terres?

But that’s just for the rich and famous… You too can lead a luxurious and carefree life abroad…away from all the doom and gloom of the modern world…in your own private paradise, any where in the world you choose.

There are places where you can still own your own beachfront home or French chateau outright …where you can have a household staff ready to cater to all your needs, leaving you time to live your life…where the government doesn’t involve itself in every aspect of your personal life...and won’t even charge you taxes.

Read below for stories and advice to find out more about how you can live the good life overseas.

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