Videos of Belize

Belize, the little Central-American nation, casts a spell—especially on those with a spirit of adventure. Attractions include the warm, English-speaking people, the natural beauty, and the air of freedom and opportunity.

For many years, the country has drawn people from all over the world who want to live in the sun while taking advantage of the country's real estate bargains and reasonable cost of living. Add to that the protection of assets and terrific fishing and diving and you can understand why Belize captivates so many.

A young country (independent from Great Britain since 1981), Belize has a small population (330,000) and plenty of empty, wide-open spaces. This is picture postcard Caribbean. Four hundred years ago, pirates would lie in wait among the 200 islands scattered off the coast. But these days, all you'll find hiding on the cayes and islands are divers, sailors, and anyone looking for an affordable way to enjoy total privacy.

To a growing number of expats weary of regimented, rule-laden lives at home, free-wheeling, casual, affordable Belize has proved almost irresistible. Here, you are blissfully free from commuter crush, 24-hour news, and workaday stress. It's a country where you can explore and develop, and there's room to breathe, with a pervasive, heady sense that almost anything goes.

See below for videos of Belize.

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