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There's an estimated 20,000 North Americans living in Costa Rica—more if you count part-timers. The safety, climate, the friendly people (both locals and expats), and the good-value cost of living are just some of the factors that have been attracting foreign residents for more than three decades.

There's no need for you to be a "pioneer" when it comes to moving to Costa Rica. English is widely spoken—by plumbers, mechanics, doctors, real estate agents, shopkeepers…and more. You'll have all the modern conveniences you're used to, like cable and satellite TV (with many channels in English), high-speed Internet, smartphones, and American foods and other products in stores and restaurants.

And you'll also find plenty of communities full of fellow expats where friendships come fast thanks to the common bond of moving overseas.

They live in regions across Costa Rica, from the Central Valley, with its perfect climate and big city the Southern Zone, a lush rainforest area on the southern Pacific the rural charms of tranquil Lake the world-class beaches of the northern Pacific coast...and everywhere in between.

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