Videos of Mexico

Mexico is the most popular expat destination for North Americans in the world, with as many as a million U.S. and Canadian citizens living there. And that number is growing.

Mexico has a lot to recommend it, so these numbers aren't surprising.

From the U.S. and Canada, you can drive to Mexico—in your own car—or fly there in a few hours in most cases, so living in Mexico is convenient. Mexico also offers many of the First-World conveniences we're used to—including good highways, plenty of airports, reliable telephone service, and fast Internet connections.

There are many reasons expats are moving to Mexico: the vibrant local culture and rich history; the friendly people and their relaxed lifestyle; the sunny climate; the delicious food and drink; the miles (nearly 6,000) of coastline, much of it warm, sandy beach.

Those moving to Mexico have so many choices…little silver mining towns where the winding streets seem to head up to the clouds…high-plains desert where you can see for miles and learn to love the nuance of muted colors…fishing villages where you can rise at dawn to buy the day's catch fresh from returning fishermen…beach towns where the sound of surf and the tang of salt water linger in the air…cosmopolitan cities where concerts and cafés abound, and where your comfortable life comes with an urban edge.

Mexico has it all…rich culture, perfect climate…not to mention mountains, beaches, deserts, and just about everything in between.

See below for videos from Mexico.