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Tropical beaches, First-World infrastructure, high-quality healthcare, welcoming people…there are many things to love about Panama.

Businesspeople come here because of the dollarized economy, the legendary privacy laws, the many government incentives…the list goes on.

Retirees are drawn here by the Pensionado program, one of the best retiree benefits programs in the entire world. Younger adults…even those with children in tow…are moving here in increasing numbers to take advantage of the ease of doing business and to enjoy the first-rate schools and hip, international vibe.

For all of them, the low cost of living is a major factor in choosing Panama.

No matter what lifestyle you plan to pursue in Panama, rest assured you can have it…most likely for less than it would cost back home. But where to start on the path to your new life here? In Panama, just as there is a lifestyle for everyone, there is a place for everyone…

Panama City is the most popular expat destination, but this country is so much more than just the city. The highland towns offer spring-like weather, nature trails and waterfalls, cloud forests and volcanoes. Take your pick of locations on the water…from the white sands of the Caribbean islands to the deep blues of the Pacific. And if you’re just a little bit country, there are rural locations where you can stretch your dollars further than you could have imagined.

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