"More information needed before retiring in Caye Caulker?"

My husband & I are interested in retiring in Caye caulker. We'd really like to talk about cost of living, lifestyle, etc. with expats who love in Caye Caulker. Any advice on where we can contact or meet expats to get this information?

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Lindsey Davidson
 User  Lindsey Davidson asked at 23 Mar. 2014


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Ann Kuffner
 Expert Ann Kuffner answered to question to 24 Mar. 2014

Some expats who have lived on Caye Caulker for a while report that they can get by on $1000/month. They own their own home outright.

You are wise to want to obtain a broad perspective. The quickie budget I developed required $1550/month, plus rent. But you can find a fairly inexpensive rental on Caye Caulker if you get connected. Let the Caye Caulker Forum folks respond, but I've heard of expats paying $400/month for a cabana. I don't know how big their rental is, or if they have AC. But I was amazed to hear that anything would be available there for that small of an amount.

There is a great Forum on the website. Here is the link: Note that it has a separate section for Caye Caulker discussions. I have found that plenty of expats who live on Caye Caulker visit that particular Forum and are quite helpful in answering questions. So give that a go for your specific questions.

Then come visit and spend a few weeks on Caye Caulker, talking to as many expats as you can. It is such a small island that it will be easy to obtain the info you seek on a two week vacation, although it's better to stay longer, to be sure that is the lifestyle you prefer.

In today's IL Postcard, I compared what it is like to live on Ambergris Caye, Caye Caulker and Placencia. Look for that Postcard in your mailbox today. It will help a bit. But, obviously, I couldn't get into the finer details about living in Caye Caulker in a Postcard.

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