"Do I need a visa to work short-term in Belize?"

Do i need a visa to work in Belize? Am visiting for a short period but want to work a small bit too while i'm there. Can i work for a few weeks or do I need a visa?

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Chris Jones
 User  Chris Jones asked at 29 Nov. 2013


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Ann Kuffner
 Expert Ann Kuffner answered to question to 06 Jan. 2014
You can't legally work in Belize for a Belizean company without obtaining a work permit. The Belizean government is protective of citizens and they want to be sure that priority is given in the job market to their own people, since there is a relatively high unemployment rate here. The exception is if no Belizean can provide the skill set you have to offer. But even then, the employer must advertise a position for a specific period of time before hiring a non-resident. Then the employer would have to vouch for you and assist you to obtain a work permit. It is unrealistic to expect to get through this process in a short period of time.

But if you are a travel writer, a blogger, or have another portable career option that can pay you from outside of Belize, that is ok, as you are not taking a local job away from a resident. The key is that your income must come from outside of Belize. This is why International Living teaches expats how to learn portable careers that they can take with them anywhere in the world.

It is difficult to obtain a work permit in Belize until you become a resident. It takes a year or more to become a resident. A number of expats who have moved here start a company or business, as an easier path to make extra money doing something they enjoy. When one wants to start a business that will create jobs for Belizeans, the process is easier and moves more quickly. .

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