"Real estate information on Central Valley/San Ramon?"

To Jason Holland: in a recent post, you mentioned quite a few towns in the Central Valley, but left out San Ramon, which happens to be the place I'm most interested in. Can you tell me something about San Ramon? Can a married couple live there and maintain a modest lifestyle (we eat little meat and almost no alcohol) on a $1500 month budget (that's for day-to-day living - it doesn't include traveling), or is San Ramon more expensive than that? How much would it cost for a modern, fully furnished apartment (preferably 2 bedrooms)? Anything else you can add would be much appreciated.

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Gerry Reissman
 User  Gerry Reissman asked at 01 Feb. 2014


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Jason Holland
 Expert Jason Holland answered to question to 01 Feb. 2014
Hi Gerry,

San Ramon is a great town with a good group of expats. It's a fairly good sized town, about 70,000 if you include the surrounding villages that come into San Ramon for shopping and service. Many expats are involved in community work through the Community Action Alliance there. Very authentic Tico town without any tourists. But there is a campus of the University of Costa Rica, so lots of cultural activities. $1500 a month is possible but stretching it. I would say $1800 would be more realistic.

San Ramon and other Central Valley towns are among the most affordable in the country because of the lack of tourist prices. Rentals are also very affordable. For a two bedroom prices start at around $400 or so a month. Check local real estate sites, Craigslist Costa Rica, and the local expat community - you can get some great deals through word of mouth.

Good luck.

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