"What is the general cost of living like in Costa Rica?"

Hi, I'm looking at different places I might want to retire and Cost Rica is one of them. Could you give me any info on the cost of living in Costa Rica, food, drink, rent etc. Thanks

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Ben Miller
 User  Ben Miller asked at 21 Nov. 2013


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Jason Holland
 Expert Jason Holland answered to question to 21 Nov. 2013
Cost of living is low in general in Costa Rica compared to North America. You can get an idea of some costs for typical items like food and housing here:

Some places you'll save quite a bit are housing - you can get really nice places for your money whether you rent or buy. And if stick with something simple you can save quite a lot. Fresh fruits and vegetables are very cheap. Where you run into high prices with food is imported items from the U.S. and Europe.

A couple can live comfortably on under $2,000 a month, including housing and a car. If you rely on public transport you can save even more because gas is expensive.

Labor is also very cheap. So you can have a maid and gardener for between $2 and $4 an hour.

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