"Is there a market for home & Pet Caretaking around Quito?"

I am currently located in the Southwest U.S. and recently ventured into global home-sitting, pet-sitting, and caretake estates, through various 'agencies,' and professional websites.

I'm a member of IL, IA & AWAI, have been reading everything available for a good year, and am thrilled to hear of (waiting impatiently for) Suzan H & Dan P's book! I've narrowed down my initial point-of-entry into the world of Ecuador as the Andes highlands areas in & around Quito -- and then perhaps following the Moore's path to include a beach place as well.

It had occurred to me (too late to put an ad in the March IL) that most of the expats may tend to visit the their U.S./Canadian friends and families during the Spring-Summer months in North America. So, I'm wondering if someone can tell me if there is a local expat publication in that area that most everyone reads. Or exactly What would be the best venue or method to reach Americans and Canadians in that area, to let them know I'm available this Spring and Summer, as long as the visa requirements allow.
[And of course I can send a Profile and Prof. History, etc.]

It seems a great way to accommodate several (or many) trips between May - August, and also give myself a more 'in-community' way of getting my first look at that area, as opposed to staying in the solitary environment of a hotel room. Can anyone help me with this please?
Thanks very much.

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Kris Larkin
 User  Kris Larkin asked at 04 Mar. 2014


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Wendy Dechambeau
 Expert Wendy Dechambeau answered to question to 04 Mar. 2014
Hi Kris,

I think that your house/pet sitting venture could be very viable. I know one gentleman who does this and has had non-stop business in the Cotacachi area for the last six months. Many expats have pets and are always looking for quality care while they are away.

I would suggest advertising your services on Gringo Tree ( in the Quito section. Also, if you join the Ecuador Expats page on Facebook, you can let people know about what you provide there as well.

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Kris Larkin
 User Kris Larkin answered the users Wendy DeChambeau to 04 Mar. 2014
Thanks very much Wendy.
Greatly appreciated!
Look forward to meeting you one day.

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