Conference Reviews and Testimonials

Here’s what International Living readers have been saying about their monthly magazine:

“An exceptional opportunity to meet the speakers and like-minded individuals interested in living overseas. This year’s Overseas Bootcamp was my first. I learned a lot and it was fun to meet International Living writers that I read every month. I look forward to next year’s conference.” —Eric
“The breakout sessions helped narrow down from just a country list, to areas of interest within each country. Appreciated that none of the vendors on hand was high pressure. We had many questions about insurance that were well covered. The entire conference was very well organized and well worth the trip. The variety of relevant topics covered gave us answers to questions we likely would have not even though to ask.” —Randy
“Solid information, solid experience in front me day after day. All the supports were there if I needed to access them. I feel it was money well spent to begin my long wished-for life overseas… Thank you for being organized, clear, providing tons of resources that we need after the conference and most of all to the guest speakers who offered up their ‘tell it like it is’ advice and stories. We need to hear it all, good and bad.” —Heather


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