South Africa Fast Facts

Population: 48,601,098

Climate: Mostly semiarid, subtropical along the east coast; sunny days, cool nights

Time Zone: GMT+2

Language: English, and many native languages

Country Code: 27

Coastline: 2,798km

South Africa: Lively Cities and Safari

The cities of South Africa are always animated and buzzing… Cape Town instils vigor in you…as do the cheerful locals; the nightlife is fantastic and this cosmopolitan jewel will keep you wanting more. The Cape of Good Hope--the southernmost point of the African continent, which Bartholomew Diaz sailed around over 500 years ago--still retains all its mystery and beauty.

Overlooking Cape Town, Table Mountain, so-called because when clouds come in over the city, they spread across the top of the mountain like a tablecloth, can be seen by air or land long before you hit the city. A trip to South Africa wouldn't be complete without a safari in Kruger National Park, a world-renowned sanctuary of wild nature. And Drakensberg, close to Lesotho, provides some of the most magnificent vistas on the planet.


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