South Africa Fast Facts

South Africa

Population: 48,601,098

Climate: Mostly semiarid, subtropical along the east coast; sunny days, cool nights

Time Zone: GMT+2

Language: English, and many native languages

Country Code: 27

Coastline: 2,798km

South Africa: Lively Cities and Safari

The cities of South Africa are always animated and buzzing…Cape Town instils vigor in you…as do the cheerful locals; the nightlife is fantastic and this cosmopolitan jewel will keep you wanting more. The Cape of Good Hope–the southernmost point of the African continent, which Bartholomew Diaz sailed around over 500 years ago–still retains all its mystery and beauty.

Overlooking Cape Town, Table Mountain, so-called because when clouds come in over the city, they spread across the top of the mountain like a tablecloth, can be seen by air or land long before you hit the city. A trip to South Africa wouldn’t be complete without a safari in Kruger National Park, a world-renowned sanctuary of wild nature. And Drakensberg, close to Lesotho, provides some of the most magnificent vistas on the planet.


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