Event Testimonials

Testimonials from 2022 Retire Overseas Bootcamp Conference

Really enjoyable experience and would recommend to family and friends! You provide such a well-rounded and diverse delivery of information. Each presentation was essential and meaningful. – Nicki

THANK YOU! My life is truly blessed with your presence in it. I will live be living a richer life thanks to one and all. -Donna

Exceeded by expectations. A plethora of information that is going to be so helpful and planning our future – Stan Zuba

Overall this was a great event. Well organized, and enough staff, from check in to final reception. I enjoyed the vip treatments from wine to snacks and comraderie. The short and quick vignettes were good even though most of the presentations were about an hours worth of material!
Tera Salo

Testimonials from 2020 Retire Overseas Bootcamp Virtual Conference

Hats off to all who made this possible. Moving to online had to be a monumental task and it has worked beautifully! Plenty of time to peruse the presentations over a period of days and form questions for the Q&A the next week. Self paced. Relaxed. Convenient. A great recovery from a less than perfect storm of events. Well organized and orchestrated. Kudos! – PJ Holen

Very user friendly. Everything was clickable and worked as expected. They (the correspondents) were very helpful and location specific, with great tips. I appreciated getting to ask my own questions. I enjoyed the content, and the responsiveness and the availability of the presenters. – Sharon Rubel

I liked the ability to attend more sessions than I may have been able to attend live, since I could spread it out over more days. I liked that good information was presented on visas and how to buy property for each country. I would prefer to attend in person but this was a reasonable option considering travel is not possible. Your team did a great job pulling this together so quickly. – Lisa Dorr

You made lemons out of lemonade. I really missed being able to network with other attendees between sessions and evenings which I could have done in person. But being able to ask questions to the presenters before and during their live presentations was the best fallback option. It actually came off better than I expected. Congratulations for pulling off this online conference in such a short amount of time and during uncertain times.– Michael Chapman

Testimonials from Retire Overseas Bootcamp Conference 2019

This was one of the most informative and enjoyable conferences I have attended. The speakers were authentic and candid about their experiences or what they were offering. High quality all round. Definitely was worth my time and helped to focus next steps on our own journey.Juliann Tilley

We really enjoyed the event. We are in our 40’s, so I feel this is the opportune time to start preparing. This really gave us the motivation to set some goals for retirement. – Marilyn Naylor

The accessibility and friendliness of all the presenters was impressive. The Medicare presentation honestly woke up and worried some folks. The weekend has left me with a longer list of questions but I know I am better prepared now to continue on this journey to move abroad. My thanks to all for a well ran and managed seminar. – Matthew Hunn

Feel more solid in my planning and desired location quest. Organized, on time, variety of discussions and countries covered. Thank you. Mary Lou Follett

Great experience! Liked one on one access to the specialists for each subject and also talking with others who are serious about these options for retirement. Kevin Hoff

Testimonials from Fast Track Panama Conference 2019

Excellent conference. Anyone thinking about moving to Panama should definitely start here! I feel it prepared us to make Panama our new country of residence. – Lynda Opiela

Met lots of nice, like minded people and found that the conference answered almost all the questions that I have. Every possible subject relevant to moving to Panama was covered. Thank you. – Dale Goday

Learnt so much about Panama and all the legal information in such a short time. I must say that it is a nice way to to meet people and learn at the same time. Thanks to all the hard working speakers for the various helpful information that we might need for the future. – Ingrid Massiah – Johannes

Very informative, you thought of everything. I felt inspired,….well taken care of and I am impressed with the quality of the content and the presenters. An extremely valuable conference experience. – Callista Shepherd

Testimonials from Retire Overseas Bootcamp Conference 2018

An exceptional opportunity to meet the speakers and like-minded individuals interested in living overseas. This year’s Overseas Bootcamp was my first. I learned a lot and it was fun to meet International Living writers that I read every month. I look forward to next year’s conference.

– Eric Steiner

The location and accommodations were great, the entire conference was educational and I met so many people with common interests. Everyone was friendly and helpful, all with smiling faces. Great conference, very informative. Better than expected – Lillie Spruill

I am very impressed by level of expertise, breadth of content, comprehensive coverage, and organization. Absolutely worth the value. Very impressed by how organized, with great enthusiasm. I loved the stories shared about experiences abroad. Great Service that you offer. Thank you. Your research is stellar. – Roxanna L. Rutter

It surpassed our expectations. Very knowledgeable, actual ex-pats. Presenters were actually doing what they were preaching. Lots of practical information presented. Very easy to absorb because sessions were not overly long. No matter your budget, this explains how to achieve a life of retiring overseas. Thank you. So glad we went. – Barbara Williams


Testimonials from Fast Track Costa Rica Conference 2018

I feel well prepared to begin the journey of living as an expat. The conference met all of my expectations and more. This was my first conference and it did not disappoint. Great organization of topics and speakers – I felt like all the foundations were laid for information of how to move forward as a Costa Rica expat. An amazing experience.  – Cathy Harris

Had a great conference, learned a ton. It has allowed us to make better decisions on our road ahead. We were concerned that presenters were going to sugar-coat everything, but we were glad to see that some presenters covered some of the good with the bad. Overall fairly well rounded and informative. Nice work. Thanks for a great event.  – Marc Ramsay

All speakers were awesome, very informative and knowledgeable. It was very nice to have the ability to talk to all the presenters during the cocktail reception. Nice drinks and snacks.– Modesto Chinchilla

Lots of valuable information presented in a professional manner. Minimal amount of fluff.  The presenters are well-informed and the presentation schedule is adhered to. The A/V team did a great job too. We always like their music selection. Congratulations on another well designed and executed conference. We look forward to our next one. – Charles Levy

Testimonials from Fast Track Panama Conference 2018

Very interesting. Already, I know more about Panama (and the ins and outs) than I did before. Even though I had done some research, you really need to talk to people who live here and have experience to get a true feel for a place – Jerome Heger

A world of information. Much more than I anticipated, and very much appreciated. Well worth the trip – Leslie Weddle 

As a first time antendee, I would say I received good value for the time/money invested. – George Pollock

All the presenters were well prepared and interesting. – Art Huntington

Loved the experience. I really enjoyed speaking with other attendees at the conference to learn what brought them to be there and what their hopes and dreams for a new adventure in their lives are – Suzanne Bielak

Testimonials from the Fast Track Mexico Conference 2018

It was outstanding in every way. It was wonderful from start to finish. Although my expectations were high, it definitely exceeded them – Katherine C. Thompson

Everything has been great. The event has been well orchestrated, and the friendly and knowledgeable IL staff, gracious hotel personnel, excellent food and accommodations all make for a wonderful conference Ron and Shelli Elledge

I appreciate all the effort and care taken to provide a wealth of information in a short time. Well organized and thoughtful – Carey McDonald

Overall – this was a well-organized, informative event. I was able to more clearly define my priorities, to fine tune my list of potential future homes, and to refine my budget. Goals met, and my love of Mexico renewed- Renee Baresel

Testimonials from the Retire Oversea’s Bootcamp Conference 2017

Think I have made a decision based on today, both the lectures and the people I have met, so a big leap forward. – Laura Ellis

Overwhelming amount of information, and the whole event was completely worthwhile. Completely turned over my thoughts on financial aspects, social security. The entire conference was terrific. Vendors and sponsors as well. Staff terrific. The enthusiasm was obvious. Extremely well run and organized. – Joel Hagen

This weekend was very informative and I highly recommend it to anyone who is considering a full or part time move abroad. Thank you so much. – Daryl Sanderson

Very well organized. Lots of content and I look forward to receiving the post-conference information (audio/video of presentations, etc.). Thank you for all the work that went into making this conference possible. – Kathrine Daschel

Testimonials from the Fast Track Costa Rica Conference 2017

The presentations were very thorough and very informative. All the presentations were excellent. David Clardy

Excellent subjects and presenters. Kept the pace and schedule really  well. Fun. The people were all so kind and helpful. Jodi Rowe

Was a lot coming at you fast, but great. My mind was quickly put at ease because these were genuine people. I was pleasantly surprised that there was no hard sell, just good, useful information to help people begin the process of making the right decision for them and their life. If you are seriously considering making the move, this is a great first step. Alexander Raue

You exceeded my expectations. I felt that I was starting to get a handle on the country, the people, and the culture. Coming to International Living’s Fast Track Costa Rica was one of the best decisions we’ve ever made! We learned more in three  days than we could have learned in three trips to Costa Rica on our own! Off the charts exceeded our expectations. Brian Tenner

Exhausted from all the overwhelming information! New friends we made along the way from pre-conference tours, the conference itself, and post-conference tour. Can’t wait to finally move here, feels like home already! – Kathy Bonfiglio


Testimonials from the Fast Track Ecuador Conference 2017

After attending this conference my husband and I are confident we can afford to make the move to Ecuador and in fact have already set our targeted move date. Still unsure where we will settle but intend to move around to the different areas profiled before we make our final decision. Also excited to work with Barefoot Consultants to start earning a portable income as we’re still too young to collect the Canadian Pension. – Dawn Campbell

All of the information is awesome! I’m feeling blessed with all of the expert advice and information. Everyone has done an excellent job. Every single thing that I wanted to learn about was covered. I am SO glad I was able to attend this conference! I will be going home with so much information…thank you, thank you, thank you!!! – Amber Reed

I have been to a few on these events in the past. IL has got it dialed in. Good as always. – Jim Anderson

Just what I was looking for. A lot of information without bias. Was a little afraid that I was going to hear a lot of sales pitches but to my relief that did not happen. Very good information. – William Mack

I liked how the areas were grouped together geographically so that the coastal speakers spoke and then the southern area speakers spoke and so on. Thank you for being time conscientious. As always IL does a great job putting on these conferences and giving us the knowledge we need to make our dreams come true. – Steve Crumley

I received all the information that I came to the conference for – Dana Drew

Face time is too important to even mention! – Kep & Erin Vadnais

This Fast Track Ecuador Conference helped me to build my knowledge – Dieudonne M Kamga

Jim did great. Dan was superb, and I appreciated his intro at Winton’s class. Good coffee and snack breaks too!!!! – Bill Pelke

I left the conference feeling very good. I was very impressed with all the speakers that I heard. Each gave very clear, and in-depth information on the topic they were sharing. It was good to hear from a variety of people including lawyers, doctors, vets, business owners, and many more. Thank you International Living! You truly are a group of people working to better the lives of all who seek a more enriched existence. – Eleanore H

Testimonials from the Fast Track Your Retirement Overseas Conference 2017

Enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere and opportunity to meet and talk with a lot of individuals and their perspectives. My first IL Really appreciated the opportunity to mingle and talk with people at this point. – Darlene Boudreaux

As always a great conference with a wealth of information. The IL speakers are very knowledgeable and were a great source of personal information in addition to their group presentations. That was one of the best parts of the conference and should be highlighted as one of the best benefits. Speak with and read about people who have already made the path and follow their advice, rather than trailblazing your own unknow path. – Rico de la Llama

Thanks to you I met some of my IL superheroes for the first time. Thank you very much! Very informative presentations. Very nice, I really appreciate your hospitality. You make networking a pleasure to look forward to. John McGee gave me some excellent one on one medical insurance advice and Suzan Haskins, Cynthia Staton, and Camila Moreno did the same concerning life in Ecuador. Boris Mannsfeld helped to put Belize back on our radar after a so-so first experience back in 2010. I also appreciate the time Nancy Kiernan spent with me explaining the ins and outs of Colombia. The IL team is a great bunch of people that sincerely want to show others great options for a wonderful and secure retirement or out of the U.S. business opportunities. Thank you all you wonderful people, have a smooth trip home! – William H. Harper Jr.

Very informative and well done. We were impressed. Our first time, we did not know what to expect. Had a good time. Very Impressed. – Becca and Jim Hayley

So much information! The presenters did a great job of keeping us engaged. There were many of us who arrived with perhaps three destinations in mind, and left with twice as many! So much information to take in… I will be “profiling” myself mercilessly over the next few weeks, and then coming up with some additional questions. I really didn’t know what to expect, and was very pleasantly rewarded. – Devon Huning

I was impressed by the professional manner in which the conference was conducted: punctuality, table arrangements, staff availability, etc. – Jerry Ashford

You had me salivating like Pavlov’s dog for the multiple course, gourmet menu. OMG! Perfectly on target presentations. Almost too good to be true. Can’t wait to get the link to review all I saw and heard, and see the workshops I missed. You guys really know what you are doing. These conferences are critical for anyone considering living overseas. It’s the ideal first step on a journey of 1,000 miles. – Michael Thomas

I’m so happy with all the information we received. It’s worth more than the cost. You convinced my wife that my plan is good. She is the one on the internet, preparing and planning the visit of what I think will be our next destination. Thank you, you make my life easier. As Warren Hardy teaches in his Spanish lessons “Salud, amor, y el tiempo para gazarlos” (Health, love, and the time to enjoy them). – Jean Pierre Malenfant

The information has been useful in focusing on those countries we would be interested in looking at more closely. The sessions also have helped to eliminate some countries we thought would be of interest. – Jim Bounds

Very well organized and professional. We came not knowing what to expect. I have been a subscriber to IL for nearly 10 years and my wife has been an outsider looking in, not getting the whole idea and not wanting to until we took a trip to Belize two years ago. We are at the threshold of retirement now and when I found out you would be here in our home city of Atlanta, I talked her into reluctantly attending the conference. After the first day of attending Winton Churchill’s session, her position shifted abruptly and she became a sponge. We met with Ann Kuffner from Ambregris Caye and my wife was instantly smitten. After attending some of the other workshops she found the case for Mexico was very compelling which was amazing because that is what I’ve been preaching for the last 10 years. In summary, we both thoroughly enjoyed our time, were very impressed with the punctuality, scope of information, and details. Everyone was accessible and glad to help. Most importantly we left on the same page facing our retirement for the first time in our married lives. Congratulations to all of the IL family for putting on a hugely successful and informative event. – Ron Delvalle

Speakers were energized and passionate about their topics. A great deal of information that helped me to add or eliminate areas. – Gayle Connell

I’m surprised how much information can be packed into a 20-minute presentation. Each presenter was spot on. Not a lot of fluff—just good information. They covered a variety of important information. Well done! It also was good to hear from people who have lived there for a while—talking about their own experiences or experiences that they have seen first-hand. – Terry Keane

We are so pleased we came. So many exciting choices!!! – Marsha Buscher

I thought the conference planning team did a good job of organizing everything. The mood was upbeat, warm, and inviting. I was initially concerned that the conference was going to be more hyperbole than anything else, but I found the presenters to be trustworthy and fairly realistic in their discussions. – Russell Chaffin

Thank you for encouraging me to fill my dreams – Geraldine Smout

My money was well spent! I had questioned the cost. You more than gave me my money’s worth. Thank you. – Nancy Cain

Thank you to staff and exhibitors for the hard work and long hours put in to make the conference a success. I feel much more prepared and ready to go forward. Thank you!! – Julia

Testimonials from the Fast Track Panama: Lifestyle and Opportunity Conference 2017

These cocktail receptions were a great way to meet people, share experiences, and ask questions. It was a very well-rounded program. – Vickie

This conference is well organized and planned. – John Greshle

A very nice event. I am glad to be here. I’ve already made the contacts that I need. I got much more information than I had expected. I did not join the events in 2015 and 2016, but bought the documents. This conference is even better. It was a very good conference. All presentations were helpful and I got a lot of needed information. You all did a great job. It is not possible to cover everything within 2 and a half days, but if someone really is interested in Panama, they got all they need to start. The themes of the presentations were very well selected. We got all the information and contacts to figure out what we need. All of the speakers had a solid knowledge. Thanks to all of you. You all did a great job and it helped me a lot for starting my move. – Guenter Spens

Mata-Kelly was worth the entire amount of the conference. Her information is very insightful and helpful. – Mel Goodson

Very well done. Covered every city! Food and content was excellent. – Nancy Sharif

This conference is truly “eye-opening”! I attended a LIOS conference in June 2016 and another one which ended the day yours began this week. I have gotten so much more out of your conference, not just because I have neither interest nor funds for investing, other than to purchase a home in Panama, but because the presentations, overall atmosphere, and information is completely geared toward those who wish to move here. I am blessed in that I have already acquired my pensionado status, but have learned so very, very much…including making a very serious mistake in considering Puerto Armuellas as a relocation destination. Abogada Mata-Kelly also brought up many points which are critical to my move. Thank you so much for putting this conference on. The overall conference was incredibly informative and excellent. – Kathleen Phillips-Hellman

This was our first IL conference and on a whole we were very pleased. Our interest in Panama has been piqued and it’s clear to us that we will need to return several or many more times, and for longer durations, to continue our assessment. We greatly appreciated the bonus Costa Rica info and that will likely wind up being the next trip that we plan. – Steve Devore

Insightful and five star. Everything we hoped for regarding content and dynamic speakers. We found our first Fast Track Conference to be well organized, insightful, and helpful. We particularly liked the comparing and contrasting of Panama and Costa Rica… Thank you. – S Heininger

Lots of information on different areas. And lots of different people with their experiences/knowledge. Fast paced. We are so glad we attended. – Kuczerpa

Great incorporation of expats and experts. The value of local attorney advice was priceless. – Mark Sobotka

Fast Track Ecuador Conference Testimonials

You have made it easy to connect with other people who have ideas and plans similar to my own. Michael Ramsden

Wow! The speakers and the large screens with their very professional slide presentations captivated my attention right out of the starting gate. The flow in which information was presented was very well organized. Sandy Baker

My wife and I have really enjoyed your presentations. It has been great to also meet privately with the presenters and get personalized guidance on all the actions we will need to complete our preparations and our planned move to Ecuador. Going through all of the steps on your own would be like reinventing the wheel. I would never have guessed that we could take advantage of some shortcuts that we found out about. Good job… Keep up the good work. Dudley Hall

This is well organized and everyone I’ve met has been very informative and nice. I’m exhausted and pleased! Meghan Shepard

Excellent presentations, and all speakers willingness to be contacted is excellent. Lee Black

Fantastic info to better prepare and understand the current laws to purchase property. It was worth every penny fantastic well put together presentations. Jose V Espin

Ur knocking it out of the park.Steven Irby

So much fabulous information! I especially like the way it ran so smoothly with everyone sticking to their slotted time. Heather Peden

I enjoyed thoroughly the opportunity between the formal sessions to meet with the speakers and other representatives as well as to interact with the other attendees. The VIP room was wonderful and I really enjoyed it. Melette Evans

As always, The IL program is always packed with information and resources. Thelma A Gale

All the information from A to Z regarding Ecuador. Lorenzer patterson

Loved the speakers who spoke with passion about where they lived, the life, the people and the communities they were involved in. Speaking about the ups and downs showed they weren’t just blowing smoke, but truly love their lives here in Ecuador. Teresa Drake

Enjoyed the entire program. Johannes Mogck

Kudos to IL staff for a well-orchestrated event. Marie Webb

This was all and more than I wanted to learn before I come down perfectly this fall Heather Peden

Retire Overseas Bootcamp Testimonials

Solid information, solid experience in front me day after day. All the supports were there if I needed to acces them. I feel it was money well spent to begin my long wished-for life overseas. The timing is right now and I will continue to use the resources of IL as I begin the process of looking for a place that feels right to me. Thank you for being organized, clear, providing tons of resources that we need after the conference and most of all to the guest speakers who offered up their “tell it like it is” advice and stories. We need to hear it all, good and bad. – Heather

I learned a lot, narrowed the list to three. Thanks for a great job! – Tom Peary

Great conference as always. My seventh conference with IL. New and fresh information about some of the areas I had previously reviewed. Some new areas (Nicaragua, Colombia) that I had limited knowledge of before. – Ronald Howze

I’m very glad I attended this conference. It gave me some new ideas but it also opened my eyes to all that is involved in moving abroad. I’m still not sure if I really want to do this but I’ll keep reading IL‘s publications and do some scouting trips to see if this is the right thing for me. I’m grateful to IL for providing all this information and showing me that there are other options out there for living the life I truly want. Meeting like minded people and feeling like I’m not so alone in this. – Hollie Kikel

Thank you for giving me this experience! – James Haile

Lots of good stuff. The workbook is great!! – Janalea green

I’m looking forward to making a shift to living abroad. This was educational and was also a great mini-vacation for my wife and I. – Simi Graves

I have followed you since 1979 and it has been a delight to watch lnternational Living grow and develop…. great job my friends, great job! All the information was great and you pulled it off in three days. – Kathy Egger

I am glad I came. Very informative and I have narrowed my destination possibilities. – Traci

Well organized, lots of great information, and the opportunity to meet some very nice people! – Doreen, Las Vegas, NV

Gave me food for thought; info regarding each country—I liked the short classes and they didn’t run over in time. – Susan Raimond

The wide variety of information and learning from others as they asked questions and brought up things we had not thought about. – Sundi Cantlin

The overall breadth of the topics was great, so I was able to get most questions answered. Also meeting some of the other attendees was very helpful and reinforced that I could do something like overseas living on my own. Really liked the break-out groups so that we could align a bit with the subjects of most interest. – Kathy Bartilotta

Kept time well. Great speakers. Great topics. Wished I had gone sooner…glad I didn’t wait longer… – Carole Kaufman

Being able to talk to individual representatives at their tables during the 3-day conference. It helped personalize it for me, and answer my questions. – Ellen Paul

The mix of types of sessions and the availability of people to visit with in the exhibitors’ hall really made the conference very accessible! – Evan Swingholm

The Healthcare Session panel was amazing!! – Tom Emmerson

Great organization, professional format, great advice and presentations, and good food and drink. – Sarah Amyotte

The presenters provided a wealth of good and helpful information and tips. With the mass of information provided, it is very helpful to furnish a link to the recorded sessions so that attendees can go back and view the sessions of interest and note the tips and information the presenters provided. In addition, the fact that the presenters provided contact information for follow up questions is very helpful. With this many attendees, it was difficult to get all our questions answered in the exhibitor area and at the tables. – Jim Pfeffer