In Denver, Here’s What You Can Expect

Jen Stevens Retire Overseas Bootcamp Denver

Discover the Good Life Abroad…for as Little as $1,700 a Month

Ultimate Go Overseas Bootcamp • September 2-4, 2023 • Denver, Colorado

Every so often, a window of opportunity slides open somewhere in the world. Most people won’t notice. They don’t even know to look.

But when you pay attention—and you have the foresight to act—you can find yourself enjoying perks most folks have no idea they could access.

Here at International Living, we’re in the business of paying attention—opportunity is our beat. And the world we bring you is full of possibilities...

This September in Denver, we're gathering our experts for an event unlike anything we’ve ever hosted before—to point you to the best of those opportunities... for richer living, better travel, and greater profit potential.

Over three days at our Ultimate Go Overseas Bootcamp we’ll show you how to find the opportunities that make the most sense for you—and the best ways to take advantage of them.

In the right spots overseas, you could find yourself living better than ever before, even while you spend less… housekeeper, gardener, dinners out, concerts, a rich man’s lifestyle on as little as $1,700 a month...

Or perhaps you’d simply enjoy a travel-rich life, maybe winter over in the Caribbean...spend a couple months in Paris...slow travel through South America for six weeks, seeing the sights and making new friends...when you know how, all of that is possible, even on a modest budget.

It may feel like your options are shrinking here at home—the future feels uncertain—economically, politically, socially. It can be hard to shake the sense that you should do something... but what?

That’s where our International Living experts shine. Because they can help you chart a safe, sound way to go abroad that suits your budget, your interests, your preferences, and your timeline...

IL’s Ultimate Go Overseas Bootcamp is our ONLY U.S.-based event of 2023—and the easiest, most efficient, most effective way there is to jump-start your overseas plan.

This program is designed to set you up with a practical, personalized roadmap to take you from where you are now to the right place (or places) for you, whatever your priorities may be.

We’ll have on hand more experts than we’ve ever gathered under one roof before to share their recommendations and insights about places as far flung as Portugal and Mexico... Thailand and Italy... Panama and Greece...

You’ll meet our own country correspondents, lots of expats already “living the life,” plus experts in real estate, health insurance, retirement planning, investing outside the dollar, taxes, and more.

We’ll talk about second passports, foreign residence, investment opportunities you can’t access from the States, using your 401K to invest in overseas real estate, estate planning with foreign real estate, funding your life overseas, and more.

We’re structuring this program to include lots of roundtable discussions and in-depth workshops. So there will be plenty of time for back-and-forth with the experts and lots of opportunities for you to get your questions answered.

We may not see another moment like this in our lifetimes. Don’t squander it. Join us September 2-4, in Denver, to delve into the options you have overseas today. To reserve your place call 1-888-884-7792 or 443-353-4362 or get more info here.