Join the Fun at Boquete’s Tuesday Market - International Living

Boquete, a small highland town in the Chirquí Province of Panama, has everything a retired expat could want. Those who live here enjoy a low cost of living, a year-round spring-like climate, and breathtaking 360 degree views of coffee planted hills and greenery.

What makes this little town even more appealing to new residents is the open and active expat community that exists here. This community has helped to make Boquete a haven for expats—opening Western-style bars and restaurants, building North American style homes, and organizing festivals and events where the community can get together and socialize.

One of the most popular events is the Tuesday Market. Organized by the expat run Boquete Community Players, and based in their headquarters, the Tuesday Market is the place to be. Craftspeople, coffee makers, farmers, and numerous other types of vendors come from all over the province to sell their wares. Here you will find fresh fruit and vegetables, baked goods from a whole host of international traditions, and artisanal crafts from sparkling jewelry to wooden candle holders. And all at great prices.

The BCP also organizes a popular weekly lecture in its small theater. Talks can range from environmental issues to regular expat advice. The entrance fee is a dollar.

But apart from the lectures and the good value produce, what the Tuesday Market is really about is socializing. When moving to a new country it can be hard to meet new people and to create a new network of friends. However, in Boquete that isn’t a problem. With the Tuesday Market the local expat community have found the perfect place to interact. As you make your way among the stalls you can’t help but overhear conversations between neighbors, new residents being introduced to their soon-to-be friends, and a general buzz of happy, friendly, and relaxed chatter.