Episode 8: A Luxurious Life—For Less—on the Island of Penang

This week, the podcast features International Living Malaysia Correspondent Keith Hockton. Malaysia, even by Keith’s estimation, is a surprising destination for most North American expats and potential expats. It’s just not on the radar as obviously as somewhere like Costa Rica, Mexico, or Panama.

For Keith, that’s a tragic oversight, and he’s determined to make potential expats aware of just how perfect a destination Malaysia can be. A frequent speaker at International Living conferences, Keith lives on the tropical island of Penang, in the city of George Town. There, he pays exceptionally low rates for exceptionally luxurious beachfront accommodation, enjoys year-round warm weather, and lives in a community where English is an official language, where there are thousands of expats to socialize with, and where the local cuisine is considered some of the best in all of Asia.

Keith goes into detail about the beach, mountain, jungle, and city living options on Penang, the history and culture of the island, and the eclectic social life you can expect if you visit.

Settle in, press play, and find out as we welcome you to the latest episode of International Living’s Bigger Better World podcast.

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