Podcast: An Expat’s Love Letter to Lyon, France

International Living France Editor Tuula Rampont discusses her recent scouting trip to the southeast of the country and the city of Lyon—France’s gastronomic capital.

And while Lyon is certainly “all about the food,” there’s a lot more to this captivatingly beautiful town that’s proud without being snobby, cultured without being pretentious. You’ll discover a surprising bonhomie… a friendliness that defies all the usual stereotypes about French hospitality.

The city of Lyon serves up a warm mix of bohemian coolness and modern-inspired art de vivre… the French art of living well. What’s more, almost all of central Lyon is easily managed on foot, and it’s an urban voyage you won’t soon forget.

As the gateway city to the French Alps (and onwards to Switzerland and Italy), Lyon is an essential conduit along the north-south transportation axis that cuts through France and extends to other regions around Europe. The main train station, Part Dieu, is among France’s best-served rail hubs, and a key reason many expats have chosen to live and retire in the city. They love the ease of living car-free, the friendly locals, and, of course, the food.

In her article for International Living magazine, and in her discussion with podcast host, Jim Santos, Tuula explores the many options for expats in the city of Lyon, from the upper reaches of Fourvriere Hill to the Renaissance town squares of the peninsula district. She paints an alluring picture of Roman ruins, shady alleyways, plaza cafés, riverside parks, and exquisite cuisine in an understated city that’s not nearly so intimidating as Paris.

Read her article here.

Join host, Jim Santos, as he meets Tuula Rampont in the latest episode of Bigger, Better World.

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