Podcast: Exploring Mexico City’s Neighborhoods with Jason Holland

Podcast host, Jim Santos, learns all about the surprising sophistication and liveability of Mexico City’s residential districts, as he talks to IL’s Latin America Correspondent Jason Holland in this week’s episode of Bigger Better World.

Jason is not a typical expat, in that he and his wife moved out of the U.S. while they were still of working age, not retirees. In fact, when they first shipped out to their first expat home in Costa Rica, the couple were expecting their first child. Since then, their family has grown, and they’ve had the pleasure of educating their two children in an international, culturally rewarding manner that’s been rich with life experience, language, and novelty.

Though Jason and his family now live in the colonial hill town of San Miguel de AllendeMexico, they’re not done with travel and adventure just yet. In fact, ever the explorers, the whole family took part in a mini-relocation to the country’s capital: Mexico City. When they settled in, they found a sophisticated, leafy, liveable city that’s far removed from the common perception.

Most people, when asked what they know about Mexico City, will struggle to come up with more than ‘It’s big’. Well, it certainly is big. Huge, even. But when you break it down into neighborhoods, it turns out that it’s a delightful assemblage of standalone districts, each a little different, and numerous enough to be assured that one of them will be just right for you.

Whether it’s the antique stores of Juarez, the urban parks of Hipódromo, or the upscale modernity of Polanco, Mexico City is a hive of activity, antiquity, prehistory, and urban charm. Jason knows it intimately, and shares his insights in this week’s episode of Bigger Better World.

Read Jason’s full article in the January 2022 issue of International Living Magazine: Beer, Parks, Galleries: Mexico City’s Neighborhoods



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