Podcast: Madrid’s Three Historic Culinary Gems

This week, the Bigger, Better World podcast takes a trip to Spain, talking to International Living Spain Editor Sally Pederson about her recent scouting trip to the center of the country and the city of Madrid—Spain’s political…and gastronomic capital.

Hailing originally from Canada, Sally’s been an expat for years, having started her overseas life in Costa Rica before making the move to Spain. She had a list of non-negotiables for her new home: efficient public transport, somewhere with a beach, and a good international airport nearby. For Sally, the city of Barcelona checked all the boxes, and she based herself there. But, as she explains in the podcast, it’s so easy, comfortable, and convenient to travel in Europe, that she’s not tied to one city. In fact, she sees Barcelona foremost as a base for her extensive travels.

“Compared to North America,’ Sally says, ‘it’s so cheap to travel around Europe, and it’s one of the things that I love. So it’s very easy and convenient. There are so many trains every day, so many flights every day. So whether internationally, within Europe, or even just within Spain, I can’t even tell you how many trains leave Madrid or Barcelona or any major city. There’s so many every single day.’

And that means she can explore and enjoy everything that Spain has to offer, whether that’s in her home city of Barcelona, or farther afield. That’s how she came to learn about the city of Madrid and its unbeatable cuisine and dining options. Who wouldn’t like to eat at the capital city’s oldest restaurant—which has been serving up local dishes since 1725? Or share a range of tapas with friends at a sidewalk café, or indulge in seafood paella with at Casa Labra—one of Ernest Hemingway’s favorite joints in the city?

In her article for International Living magazine, and in her discussion with podcast host, Jim Santos, Sally explores what it is that makes dining, drinking, and ultimately…living in Spain such a rewarding experience for discerning Europhile expats. She paints an evocative picture of centuries-old restaurants; seasonal, regional fare; delectable tapas; unhurried atmospheres, and a commitment to the art of good living in two Spanish cities that are unrivaled for energy and sophistication.

Read Sally’s article here.

Join host, Jim Santos, as he meets Sally Pederson in the latest episode of Bigger, Better World.

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