Episode 9: Moving to Mexico’s Pink City After 16 Years in Southeast Asia

In this week’s podcast, International Living Mexico Correspondent Wendy Justice meets host, Jim Santos, as she explains just why she moved to the highland town of Querétaro in Mexico.

A long-time expat, until recently Wendy made her home on the other side of the globe, in Vietnam. Now, in Mexico, what similarities, and indeed, what differences does she find in her new home? Some things are universal, others are quite the opposite. When an experienced traveler and expat brings fresh eyes to a new location, you can be sure they’ll have a lot to report.

From climate to cuisine, the mid-sized city (1.3 million residents) provides Wendy with everything she could hope for in a retirement destination. A compact, historical centro is the postcard-pretty focus of the city, but in the surrounding zonas, practical details like large supermarkets, malls, modern housing, and prosperous industry take over. Add an international airport with excellent connections to the U.S., and it soon becomes clear why this is an up-and-coming destination for clued-in expats.

Settle in, press play, and find out as we welcome you to the latest episode of International Living’s Bigger Better World podcast.

Read Wendy’s article in the May 2022 issue of the magazine here: Mexico’s Pink City: Tidy, Upscale Living on $1,600 a Month.

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