Podcast: Murder and High Tea in the Cotswolds of Asia

Keith Hockton brings us a tale of mystery (and maybe foul play?) in the lush hills of upland Malaysia.

But the real story isn’t about who may or may not have had a hand in the disappearance of a silk magnate back in the 1950s. The real story is the unspoiled rainforests, the exotic flora and fauna, and the unexpected gentle beauty of colonial Britain’s homespun R&R resorts.

“If you can imagine the upper crust British regime that ruled Malaya at that time,” says Keith Hockton, “they couldn’t really let their hair down, they couldn’t really be themselves. But with the hill stations, that was an area that they could go to where they could be completely themselves…. They could actually feel like they were actually back in the United Kingdom.”

To this day, the Cameron Highlands in Malaysia are like a step back in time to an imaginary England—a place of perfectly mown lawns, gin and tonic on the veranda, and smouldering glances over croquet. Nowadays, though, there are fine dining, golf, and modern accommodation options to suit every traveler, along with excellent hiking, wildlife spotting, and much easier access.

Learn all about this cool highland slice of Olde England deep in the heart of Southeast Asia as host, Jim Santos, speaks to Asia expert Keith Hockton for Bigger, Better World.

Read his full article in the May 2023 issue of International Living Magazine.

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Click here to listen to There’s Always Tea. Keith and his co-host, Nikki Jordan, discuss topics they know and love—from historical facts to ethereal ideologies and everything in between!

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