Podcast: My Dream Life on the Caribbean Island of Grenada

Sarah Firisen first came to our attention at International Living when she got in touch about her very enviable life on the southern Caribbean island of Grenada. Soft-sand beaches, crystal-clear waters for snorkeling, and curry goat-filled rotis…we had to know more!

When she wrote a two-page article for the March 2022 issue of International Living magazine, we were simply smitten with her descriptions of an island which combines all the palm-fringed, turquoise water fantasies of the region…with a traditional and community-focused way of life that is a million miles from the generic, touristy version of the Caribbean found in the more northerly islands.

Sensitive and insightful, evocative and inspiring, Sarah’s article portrays an island nation that may not enjoy the same wealth or development as some of its neighbors, but which makes up for all that with benefits—friendliness, acceptance, wonderful weather, a distinctive culture—that are more valuable than any GDP score. We had to invite her onto the podcast for a more detailed look into life on Grenada. Can it truly be that perfect?

Settle in and listen to Sarah’s inspiring story, as Jim Santos hosts the latest episode of International Living’s Bigger Better World podcast.

Read Sarah’s story in the March 2022 issue of International Living magazine: Living Off the Radar in the Southern Caribbean.

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