Podcast: Why Costa Rica’s Most Famous Beach Town Isn’t Just For Surfers

Bekah Bottone brings us a much-appreciated update on how her adopted hometown—Tamarindo in Costa Rica—has evolved in recent years.

The Pacific coast surf town first came to prominence in Bruce Brown’s 1994 surf movie, The Endless Summer II. At the time, Tamarindo was little more than a village, some great waves, and an airstrip where ground crew had to shoo the cows away so that planes could land.

These days, things are different. With much better logistics, development for tourism, and a steady influx of digital nomads, expat retirees, and seasonal visitors, Tamarindo has grown up. This isn’t a sob story about lost rural magic and the evils of tourism. For residents like Bekah, it’s a positive change. When Bekah first spent time in Tamarindo, there were no pharmacies, no medical care, and even the smallest mishap could become a major emergency. Now, with modernization, the town is a much more rewarding place to live. (Soon, they’ll even have their first traffic light!)

A truly integrated Costa Rica expat (she gave birth to twins in the country, and has a wealth of experience of real-life challenges and rewards in the central American paradise), Bekah knows the highs and lows, and how to turn it all into a more fulfilling, happier, healthier life. Tune in as she shares her story with Jim Santos in this week’s episode of Bigger, Better World.

Read her full article in the May 2023 issue of International Living Magazine.

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