Real Estate Trend Alert Insider Podcast: The Strongest Deals in Northern Nicaragua 

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In this Real Estate Trend Alert Insider podcast, exclusive to you as a Lifetime RETA member, I talk to Jordan Clark, my contact on the ground in Northern Nicaragua, about some of the best and strongest deals that are presenting themselves in Northern Nicaragua right now.

That includes one deal Jordan expects to make absurd returns on—returns that will run into the thousands of percent. And all from a low down payment on some stunning beachfront land.

We talk about the strategy that’s helping buyers to finance deals. This strategy is becoming more prevalent in Nicaragua and can be a smart way to finance a big-ticket buy with a little down payment.

And, Jordan explains how the opportunity in Northern Nicaragua is playing out—including in the colonial city of Leon. There he tells you how you could do well on a commercial property investment.

The full podcast is available for you to listen to now.

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If you want to talk directly to Jordan about any of the opportunities you hear about in this Podcast, click here. Put “Lifetime Insider Podcast” in the message so he knows you’re a Lifetime Real Estate Trend Alert member.

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Ronan McMahon