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Research Report #1: The World’s Top 10 Retirement Havens

The world is full of great options—beach-town hideaways, mountain retreats, jungle escapes, university towns, big cities, and more—from Europe to Southeast Asia to Latin America…

In The World’s Top 10 Retirement Havens, which you can find at this link, our exerts help you make sense of your best options by ranking, rating, comparing, and contrasting the 10 best places in the world to retire overseas today.

Discover the places most worth your attention…and spare yourself the trouble, time, frustration, and expense of trying to figure that out on your own. Inside you’ll discover everything from cost of living to ease of integration to climate to healthcare access and more.


Research Report #2: Panama: Easy, First-World Living and the World’s Best Retiree Program

Panama has been one of our favorite locations for overseas investment and retirement for many years. In fact, we ranked Panama as the world’s best retirement destination in 2014, 2016, and now again in 2019 due to the amazing values.

As well as offering retirees a location to suit all tastes, another big draw is the country’s famed Pensionado Program. This program of discounts is given to all who qualify by age (55 for women and 60 for men)— expat or Panamanian. If you daydream about sunshine, tropical beaches, and welcoming locals, then Panama may be for you. A couple can live well here for $2,500 a month or less, including rent. And singles on even less.

We have compiled this research report to give you an overview—a taster—of what Panama is all about.


Research Report #3: Why Are Americans Still Flocking to Costa Rica?

Costa Rica’s fame as a retiree destination is richly deserved. You’ll find the tropics along the Pacific and Caribbean Coasts, while most of the Central Valley is cool and breezy. If you find it difficult to choose which climate you prefer, you will be glad to know that the mild temperatures of the Central Valley are just two hours by car from the tropical beaches of the Pacific Coast.

In Costa Rica, the good life is called pura vida. For those who retire in Costa Rica, pura vida is a daily fact of life in this beautiful, exotic, and surprisingly affordable country.

Click here to find out more about this beautiful country and why we think it should be at the top of your retirement destinations list.


Research Report #4: Ecuador: Live Like Royalty on Your Social Security

Ecuador has been one of our favorite locations for overseas investment and retirement for many years and consistently scores well as one of the world’s best retirement destinations in our Annual Global Retirement Index…and with good reason.

It’s not difficult to live in Ecuador on just over $17,000 per year, and you don’t have to live an unattractive lifestyle in order to do so. Whether you want to live, invest, vacation, retire, or simply relax in Ecuador, you’ll find the perfect combination of climate, culture, and affordability to help make your dreams come true here.

We have compiled this research report to give you a taster of what Ecuador is all about. Click here…and discover all about this amazing country.


Research Report #5: Mexico: The Perfect Close-to-Home Retirement Haven

At no other time have the benefits of living and investing in Mexico been more apparent…and more easy to take advantage of. Not just for U.S. citizens, but for Canadians, Europeans, South Americans…anyone looking for great weather, low prices, rich culture, and potential profits.

Think of it…moonlit fiestas, strolling mariachis, languid white-sand beaches, colonial towns set in the rugged Sierras, ancient Mayan pyramids rising from the misty Yucatan jungle… Mexico has it all: perfect climate, affordable living, not to mention mountains, beaches, deserts, and just about everything in between.

We have compiled this research report to give you an inside look into Mexico.


Research Report #6: Explore the Old World in Laidback Portugal

Living in Portugal gives you an abundance of choices: you can base yourself in a sleepy fishing village, a thriving beach resort, a mountain retreat or in the heart of vibrant Lisbon—where the restaurants, museums and attractions rival anything else in Europe. Whatever private hideaway you choose, you’re sure to make new friends quickly…because Portuguese people are some of the most relaxed, family-oriented, helpful and courteous folks you’ll meet anywhere.

Stacked up against the rest of Western Europe, this expat haven also comes out on top for affordability with a first-world lifestyle. A couple can live comfortably on $1,700 a month (and singles on even less).

Click here to find out more about this jewel of Europe.


Research Report #7: Belize: Laidback, Friendly, and English Speaking

Belize sets itself apart from its neighbors in several ways—not least of which is the fact that the population living in Belize speaks English. It makes living and doing business here easy. What’s more, Belize is a small, peaceful country where you can beat the bureaucratic beasts by simply walking into the Minister of So-and-So’s office and sitting down to talk things out.

Plus, Belize is just plain beautiful. From its Caribbean shores to its jungle interior, this nation has great natural beauty to recommend it—blue water and deserted beaches, and inland retreats where jaguars and scarlet macaws still live in their natural habitats.

In this research report you’ll discover what Belize is all about.


Research Report #8: Colombia Today: Safe, Chic, and Very Affordable

Located at the tip of South America, Colombia is where the Pacific and the Caribbean collide with the Andes and the Amazon. It’s a country that is more beautiful, dramatic, and diverse than nearly any other. It offers sparkling colonial cities in the highlands and world-famous (and safe) resorts along the Caribbean. Cartagena, a walled colonial city on those turquoise shores, is one of Spanish America’s most beautiful enclaves.

What’s more, Colombia boasts beautiful areas where the cost of living is the lowest you’ll find anywhere in South America.

In this research report we’ll give you a snapshot of what life in Colombia can offer and tell you about our favorite locations there.


Research Report #9: Thailand: Live Like Royalty in the Land of Smiles

Picture yourself wandering through gilded temples, exploring Bangkok’s hidden canals by long-tail boat, riding an elephant down jungle trails, meeting Hmong hill-tribe villagers and treasure-hunting for hand-loomed silk, teakwood carvings, and exotic curios.

This diverse country has it all. Some expats choose to live in the vibrant bustle of Bangkok. Others choose the north of Thailand where life is quiet, peaceful, and very inexpensive. And the heavenly beaches of the south continue to attract those seeking paradise.

There are many places where you can dine well and still leave the table with change from $5. In fact, go north and you’ll also find that 20-baht noodle stalls still exist, they’re just 60 cents!

In this research report you’ll get a taster of what Thailand, the land of smiles, is all about.


Research Report #10: A Taste of France All the Ingredients for the Good Life

France has all the ingredients we look for at International Living: good food, good wine, haute couture, a good climate, unspoiled countryside, glittering culture, excellent healthcare, colorful traditions and history, and, as a bonus, the glamour and sophistication of Paris—arguably the world’s most bewitching capital.

And France is more affordable than you think…if you know where to look. It could be the wild, rocky shores of Celtic Brittany, steeped in heritage and tradition…or sun-drenched Provence, with its rolling hills and lavender fields, broken by the turquoise sea of the Côte d’Azur…or the castles and sleepy villages of medieval holdings in the Dordogne…

If good healthcare, a relaxed lifestyle, and all the modern comforts you enjoy at home are among your top priorities, then check our this research report on France.


Research Report #11: Italy: Europe’s Most Seductive Country

Who wouldn’t want to live in Italy: Europe’s most intriguing and seductive country? Just think of its warmth, style, and wonderful food…its excitable people and their zest for life…its art treasures, and the architectural glories of its magnificent past.

Imagine spending springtime in Rome or Venice or Florence. You’re not limited to the major cities; Italy’s landscapes are as gorgeous as they are diverse: historic walled towns, timeless villages set against Cézannesque backdrops, and fields covered with yellow sunflowers.

We love this country and we hope you will, too. Whether you’re looking to retire to Europe, relocate, or simply plan an extended adventure, Italy should be at the top of your list.

Click here to find out more about this seductive country.


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