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15 Best Places to Invest in Real Estate in 2021.

Over the years, I’ve discovered plenty of profitable “secret” real estate deals on behalf of my readers.

For example, back in September 2013, one of my readers got in on a “hidden” deal few others knew about.

It was a beach condo in sunny southern Spain, one of the most popular international tourist regions in the entire world.

Yet thanks to my “inside” connections, he was able to get in on this property for just $112,868.

Fast forward five years...

By 2018, the property’s value had skyrocketed to $239,418.

That’s a tidy 112% increase in value…in less than 5 years.

What’s more, other investors who bought similar properties with a 50% mortgage saw their investments triple.

Here are a few more examples…

  • $736 into $43,500 in Brazil: I’d been tracking a small corner of a little-known Brazilian market. And I had a hunch this market could make a lot of money…even though American and Canadian investors had ignored it for years. So I called up my contacts and arranged a “secret” meeting. After the meeting, I made a tiny initial investment of just $736. Two and a half years later, my investment was worth a whopping $43,500.

  • A $56,688 gain in just 8 months in Spain. In October 2016, I discovered a townhome opportunity in Spain's Costa del Sol. At the time, you could own one of the townhomes Ronan discovered for $214,284. But just 8 months later, the value of the townhomes had risen $56,688.

  • A $91,112 gain in just two years in Brazil. I recommended investing in an apartment complex in Brazil I discovered. At the time of this discovery, apartments here were selling for $85,326. Just two years later, the apartment could've sold for $176,448 - a $91,112 gain in value.

  • A $110,000 gain in Ireland. You might not think Ireland would be the best place in the world to find big profit potential…but don’t tell me that! I scored a $110,000 gain on a “secret” deal!

And remember, this is just a few of many deals I discovered over the years…

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