Take the 45-Second Quiz and Find Your Perfect Place to Live Overseas

At International Living we’re in the business of showing you how and where they can enjoy a more international life… live better for less… embrace an adventure-filled retirement…and benefit from all the world has to offer. We’re on a mission to show you how you can expand your own life by embracing the opportunities we find…

All over the world you’ll find idyllic, low-cost destinations where you can enjoy a better quality of life, one with less stress, more happiness, better health…

But clearly not every place is right for every person…

That’s why we put together the special 45-second quiz below to answer the question “Where is the ideal spot for me?”

Some folks like tropical heat, afternoons when the sun is high spent swinging in a hammock strung up between two palm trees. Others are mountain lovers, preferring the cool-weather retreats of the world’s dramatic highlands. You might prefer the buzz of living in an Old World city packed with museums, galleries and history, a place where you don’t need a car, and every cobbled lane hides a new adventure. Or perhaps you want a laidback island life where time moves with the tides and every neighbor is a friend.

From Costa Rica to Thailand…Ecuador to France…Panama to Ireland… there really is a perfect spot for everyone.

You decide.

Pick your budget, your climate, your environment.

Decide on important issues like healthcare, proximity to the U.S., how important it is that the locals speak English…

Compiled and researched by our many country experts, our 45-second quiz below will instantly get you started on the road to discovering which of the world’s top retirement havens is for you.
Don’t delay… The answers to your ideal retirement destination are just a quiz away.

Take our 45-second quiz and not only will you get the result you’ll get a free country report you can use right now. It takes less than a minute!


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